Family Holidays – how to organize holidays with kids and where to go?

There is still some time left until summer, but it is worth start already planning a vacation of  2018. Especially if you plan to travel with children, do not postpone the travel arrangements for later. Are you tempted by hot destinations? Do you wonder whether it is better to go by car or fly by plane? eSky tells you where and how to go on holiday with young travellers.

Travelling by plane

If you do not like long journeys by car, but you dream about a trip to a distant place, it is worth thinking about planning a holiday by plane. The flight with children, including the young ones, does not have to be disruptive. All you need to do is prepare yourself properly, and it will become a great adventure for your toddler and the journey will pass by faster than you can imagine.

The ticket price depends on the age of the child and the line you choose. Children up to the age of two fly free, traveling on the parent's lap. Older children must have a normal ticket, but some carriers offer special discounts for them. Be sure to check it out while searching for the flight.

Remember that when traveling with a child under the age of 2, for which you do not buy a ticket, you cannot take any luggage. Usually, however, you can take your stroller and child seat for free. They are transported in the luggage hatch, the trolley is picked up before boarding and after landing it is given back immediately after leaving the board.

Many airlines offer priority boarding for travellers with small children. This means that you do not have to stand in queues for check-in and when boarding the plane. It is up to the airline to offer such facility and you can check its availability when booking a ticket.

Pay attention to the time of flight. It's best to fly at night when you will sleep through most of the route. However, if you do not have this option, be prepared to travel so that it would be a nice adventure for your child, and not a boring time. A busy toddler is a peace of mind for you and your fellow passengers.

When traveling with a small child, you can bring food and drink onboard. Regulations related to the transport of liquids do not apply to baby food, so you can have, for example, baby milk in a bottle. It may happen that during the security check, the parent will be asked to try a drink or snack for the child. For slightly older children, prepare their favourite snacks, which will not only feed the child, but also will keep him occupied. It is important that the products are easy to eat and attractive for a small traveller: they can be colourful sandwiches, sliced fruits and vegetables or corn crisps. Avoid foods which your child may get dirty with.

It is worth providing the toddler with lots of attractions during the flight. Remember to put your child's favourite toy or book into your hand baggage. The presence of a mother or father and a favourite cuddly or rattle are enough for a baby. For a child older than 1 year, pack a toy that will occupy the child for a longer time – maybe it will be a material book with a lot of nooks, pockets, or maybe a set of trays that will tell the story  about the journey and the country you are going to? Do not take onboard toys that may interfere with other passengers. The dissatisfaction of other travellers may spoil your mood and cause unnecessary stress.

Travelling by car

Travel by car also has several advantages. You can pack a lot more things in the trunk than you would take to the plane, adjust the travel time to the rhythm of your child and take a break whenever you feel like it.

The most important rule – travel when your toddler sleeps.  A well-rested child wants to run and play, and not sit a few hours in the car seat. Therefore, start your journey with a slightly tired toddler who will fall asleep in the car after 5 minutes. Especially when you set out on a long route, it is worth planning a start for the night, when the child most likely will sleep most of the way. However, if you do not like driving around at night, set off with a pale dawn.

Another golden rule – plan stops when the child is bored, hungry and stop in places where it will be able to utilize at least some of its energy. In summer, you can stop at playgrounds at gas stations, and in the winter look for larger restaurants, where there will be a play corner for children.

Just like in an airplane, snacks help with the journey. It is worth having a wide menu for a small traveller prepared. Of course, the crisps are one of the best option as they can be eaten, glued and shaped for a long time. Be sure to have something for a rainy day depending on your child's age and preferences.

Do not forget about toys. When you travel with an infant, it does not need much to be happy as it will spend most of the trip  sleeping. And when it will get some sleep and eat, all it needs is just rattle, or gadgets pinned to the seat. For the elderly, take the books, the drawing board, the discs with the radio plays, and the pocket toys that will not take up much space but will be a pleasant addition to the journey.

Where to go 

The Canary Islands is a great destination for all who are thirsty for the sun and do not want to wait until summer to go to a warm place. In the Canary Islands, the beautiful weather lasts throughout the year. In February, temperatures are around 20 degrees – this is the ideal temperature if you want to travel with a tiny child, in July and August temperatures can reach up to about 30 degrees. Tenerife is one of the best destinations for relaxation with children. Friendly climate throughout the year, the diversity of the landscape, the hospitality of the residents and beautiful beaches are only a part of the island's advantages. For older children, you can find many attractions such as Loro Park – a combination of a zoo and a botanical garden with an amusement park. Over 300 species of animals are waiting for visitors. Siam Park is one of the biggest water attractions in Europe, which will certainly impress both adults and children. The Canary Islands are recognized as one of the best places to watch dolphins and whales in their natural environment, they can be seen on cruises organized in most tourist places. It is worth giving it a try as it is a unique and unforgettable adventure! The flight to Tenerife takes about five hours.

With eSky you will find the perfect flight and hotel. We especially recommend the hotel HD Parque Cristobal Tenerife ***, which is located in the very centre of Playa de las Americas, near volcanic beaches. If you do not want to go that far, you should think about Bulgaria. It is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches, offers a diverse tourist offer, and prices are relatively low. Plenty of hotels, restaurants, water equipment rentals and various attractions for the whole family. In Bulgaria, you can find accommodation in a different standard, both cheaper guest houses and luxury hotels. One of the most popular cities is Sunny Beach. There are several family water parks and amusement parks there. In Action Aquapark, you can slide off the 18-meter water slide, play on the Adventure Island and in the pool with waves, and visit the mini zoo. Aqua Paradise is the largest water park in Bulgaria, which looks like a castle. If you are looking for a family-friendly holiday, we recommend Premier Fort Beach Resort ****, which will meet your expectations. It is elegant, modern, there are two swimming pools with slides and a terrace overlooking the sea for guests’ disposal. Tickets to Bulgaria, as well as offers of other hotels, can be found at

For those who love traveling by car, we recommend holidays in Italy. The road will take a bit longer than the plane, but we will certainly find many positive aspects of this way of traveling. On the way to Italy, we can make a stop in the Czech Republic or Austria and visit a piece of Europe. Italy alone offers us an extraordinary variety of tourist attractions, beautiful beaches stretching for miles, and it spoils us with food and landscapes. Italy can also boast great campsites, ideal for family holidays. Pechiera del Garda – Bella Italia ***** is located on Lake Garda, a 7-minute walk from the beach. The campsite offers a large water park with five pools and slides with a comprehensive entertainment program. The resort also has table tennis, football, basketball and volleyball. Special clubs are prepared for small children, and in the evening various activities are organized, such as mini disco or performances. The campsite has air-conditioned cottages and apartments, restaurants, mini-market and ice cream stalls. Do you need something more to be happy?

Do not put off your dreams for later. Plan your family vacation today. Airplane or car? Each of the option has its advantages, but the most important thing is to prepare well for the trip, choose a place and pack your bags. Summer is waiting!