Crisis situations at the airport. Find out what your rights are.

The time of spring city breaks and planning summer vacation is coming. However, before you decide to go on a trip, you should find out what the rights of passengers are. Some accidents can't be predicted, but unnecessary stress can be avoided thanks to the knowledge of crisis situations. Delayed flight? Cancelled flight? No seats on board? It doesn't necessarily mean an unsuccessful trip - if you know your privileges.

Delayed flight - time is money.

According to the statistics of the Civil Aviation Office, delays are the most common cause of complaints. In this situation, the carrier is required to give each person a written information about rules on passenger rights. It's, among others, the right to compensation and to the provision of food and drink adequate to the waiting time. If the flight is to take place the next day, the passenger must also have accommodation. If the plane is delayed by at least three hours due to the fault of the carrier, the passenger can apply for compensation for lost time. The amount of compensation depends on the length of the flight and can be even as high as € 600. The complaint should be addressed directly to airlines. However, if the carrier refuses to provide compensation, you can complain to the Commission on Passenger Rights near the Civil Aviation Authority. Remember to include copies of the complaint, the answer given by the airline and confirmation of the booking of the flight. You can also submit a complaint if you don't receive a response after 30 days from making a complaint.

Cancelled flight –  quick change of the route or compensation

The passenger must be informed about the cancellation of the flight at least two weeks before the planned flight. The passenger should also receive an alternative offer of a flight to reach the destination. If the information is provided in a shorter period of time or the carrier doesn't propose another route, the passenger can get a compensation of up to € 600. The amount depends on the length of the planned flight and can be reduced if the proposition suggested by the airline doesn't significantly affect the time of arrival at the destination. It's important that compensation can only be obtained if the flight is cancelled for reasons attributable to the carrier. If the situation is caused by bad weather conditions, strikes or political situations, airlines are not to blame. As a result of the cancelled flight, the passenger must also be provided with drinks and food and accommodation with transport to the hotel. The carrier is also obliged to allow the passenger to make two phone calls and access e-mail.

Overbooking – you won't be able to board the plane

Some experienced airlines usually sell more airline tickets than the number of seats on the plane. The scale of surplus is determined by specialized statistical analysis of a given carrier and airport. Sometimes, however, this number is incorrectly estimated and there are more passengers than places on board. In this situation, the carrier is obliged to find volunteers who can use the next available air connection. If no one decides to do so, airlines will choose passengers themselves, but they will have to pay compensation depending on the flight route( between € 250 and € 600). If it's not possible to fly on the same day, the passenger must have accommodation and food provided by the carrier. It's important to remember that the basis for applying for compensation is to check-in on time.

In crisis situations, you should contact the intermediary. eSky consultants are able to help you find the best connection. At the airport, each passenger must be notified in writing about the compensation procedures. The rights and obligations of a passenger within the European Union are governed by Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of February 11, 2004.

The document specifies the conditions and procedures for obtaining refunds and compensation from airlines.