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  • General information

    Official language: Polish
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Złoty (PLN)

  • A parrot on a shoulder

    Would you like to become a pirate? Step to Papugarnia (the Parrot Aviary) at 44 Wyzwolenia Street. The colorful birds are not caged here. They are free to fly around, sit on people’s shoulders, and can be fed by hand.

  • Relax for a while

    10 km south of Szczecin, on Wzgórza Bukowe (the Beech Hills), lies the Beech Woods Landscape Park. It’s perfect for a walk or to have a picnic by Jezioro Szmaragdowe (the Emerald Lake).

  • The beach with a city view

    In summer, on the Grodzka Island, the urban beach is created. You can admire the view of the embankment (Wały Chrobrego) from here. You’ll find hammocks, beach chairs, cushions, balls, and sand toys available for free.

Things to see in Szczecin

A tour of the underground bunker, vintage cars, and the most delicious sandwiches with bread baked on the spot – certainly, Szczecin will surprise you at every turn.

The 13th-century city of Szczecin lies in northern Poland, not far from the border with Germany. The first signs of a settlement date back to the 8th century. Over hundreds of years, Szczecin was developing as a port city and a trade center. It changed from Polish to German hands and back again many times.

Architectural richness of the city square is a remnant of the past. It was here that hay was traded in the Middle Ages (hence the name – Rynek Sienny / Hay Market Square). Visit the History Museum in The Old Town Hall to see how complicated the old times were.

To get closer to the past, head for Podziemne Trasy Szczecina (Szczecin Underground Walk). The shelter located under the railway station is capable of holding up to 5,000 people. There are 3 routes to choose from – the World War II route, the Cold War route (you’ll explore the times of the Polish People’s Republic), and the flashlight only “Tour with a thrill.” The ticket office is at the train station, on the platform 1.

If you are really into machines, you can’t miss the Museum of Technology and Transport. You can take a closer look at amazing vehicles, such as Stoewer V5 – the first German car with front-wheel drive – introduced in 1932 or motorcycles and motorbuses from the Communist era. There are even the prototypes of vehicles that never made it to production, e.g., the Beskid, a successor of the Polski Fiat 126p (nicknamed “Maluch”/ “Toddler”).

When you get hungry, grab a bite of famous bagels from Bajgle Króla Jana, near the Old Town. The place specializes in sandwiches with bread baked on the spot, served with various toppings. Soups, salads, and desserts are also worth trying.

Isn't it time for dinner? Wyszak Browar Rodzinny (Wyszak Brewery) offers local cuisine, merging Polish and German culinary traditions. You can pick here, e.g., soused herring (matjas) in oil with onion and dill, roasted white sausage of in-house production with fried sauerkraut, and obatzda – a type of cheese spread given with a pretzel and onion rings. In the evening, chill out along the boulevards. In fine weather, pubs and eateries set up beer gardens and play club music live.

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