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From which cities in Poland can I fly to Amsterdam?

Direct flights to Amsterdam are offered by five Polish airports located in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Gdansk. Direct flights to the capital of the Netherlands are served by the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), Krakow-Balice (KRK), Katowice-Pyrzowice (KTW) and Gdansk- Rebiechowo (GDN).

Connecting flights to Amsterdam are offered by the airports located in Wroclaw-Starchowice (WRO), Lublin-Swidnik (LUZ), Szczecin-Goleniow (SZZ), Rzeszow-Jasionka (RZE), Bydgoszz-Szwederowo (BZG) and Poznan-Lawica (POZ). Connecting flights on the Poland-Amsterdam route usually are associated with stopovers in large European cities, such as Warsaw, Paris, Frankfurt, London or Copenhagen.

What should you know about the airport in Amsterdam?

There is only one airport located near Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS). It's the third largest airport in Europe in terms of the number of passengers served. Annually, the airport in Amsterdam serves over 70 million passengers flying with 90 airlines. Passengers are served in one large terminal, which is divided into three halls.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located 16 kilometers from the capital of the Netherlands. A railway station is located under the terminal, and there are also bus stops at Schiphol Plaza, where you can find city buses and airport buses (shuttle buses). You can also get to the city by a taxi, a car rented at the airport or by bike, because there are well-market bicycle paths.

Which airlines operate the Poland-Amsterdam route?

Direct flights from Poland to Amsterdam are offered by several air carriers, such as Transavia, KLM and PA LOT. Transavia offers direct flights to Amsterdam from Katowice-Pyrzowice. KLM offers direct flights from Gdansk-Rebiechowo, Warsaw (Chopin Airport) and Krakow-Balice. To get to Amsterdam without transfers with PA LOT, you have to choose the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Connecting flights to Amsterdam are served mainly by PLL LOT, Ryanair, easJet, Wizzair, Lufthansa and SAS. The first flight takes place from Poland to a larger European airport where the passenger change the plane and flies directly to Amsterdam. Connecting flight is usually associated with higher costs and longer travel time.

How much does an airline ticket to Amsterdam cost?

An airline ticket for a direct flight from Poland to Amsterdam in autumn and winter, in the cheapest periods of the year, costs from about 100 to even 700 PLN for one way flight for one person. If you choose the date of departure in the holiday season, you have to be prepared for at least double the price. The cheapest option will be a flight without transfers with Transavia, however this airlines flies only between Katowice and Amsterdam. Flights to the capital of the Netherlands operated by PA LOT and KLM are much more expensive.

When buying a flight to Amsterdam with a transfer, you should be prepared for a price of 400 to even over PLN 1500 for one way ticket per person. The cheapest connecting flights are offered by low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Wizzair or EasyJet, and the most expensive connections are offered by traditional carriers, such as PA LOT, SAS, KLM.

Regardless of whether you choose a direct flight to Amsterdam or a connecting flight on Poland-Amsterdam route, the price of the ticket will increase if you decide to pay for additional checked baggage, travel insurance offered by the airline, priority check-in at the airport or an independent choice of a specific seat on the plane.

When are the cheapest airline tickets to Amsterdam?

Airline tickets for a flight to Amsterdam are almost on the same level throughout the year. There are some differences in autumn and January, when the ticket price is a little lower by only a few percent compared to the average annual price. What's interesting, cheap flight connections from Poland to Amsterdam can also be found in spring and summer, in the middle of the tourist season. If you don't want to miss these offers, you have to follow the current promotions of airlines and compare the prices before the purchase of the ticket.

When booking tickets, it is worth remembering that the final price of the flight to Amsterdam will depend not only on the date of the trip but also the time when you will buy a seat on the plane. In the case of a flight to Amsterdam, the most expensive airline tickets will appear in the airline system late in the evening, for example between 8 pm and midnight, when most people have time to plan their trip. The cheapest tickets can be found during the day, when most people are at work and focus on job responsibilities. You should remember that airline tickets to Amsterdam are slightly more expensive on weekends, between Friday and Monday.

How to save money when buying a flight to Amsterdam?

If you want to save on an airline ticket to Amsterdam, you should buy it two or even three months earlier, when tickets will be available at attractive prices. You can also wait for 'last minute' offers of flights to Amsterdam, however this method is quite risky. Sometimes airlines reduce prices a few days before departure to encourage potential travellers to book their last tickets.

In order to save money and time, it's worth using the cheap flights search engines. With the airline tickets comparison websites, such as eSky, in a few seconds, you get information about the cheapest connections of all airlines operating on your selected air route, for example from Poland to Amsterdam. All you need to do is provide basic information such as the place of departure and arrival, travel date, number of passengers and booking class. The results are sorted automatically from the cheapest to the most expensive offers, but you can also sort them according to the number of transfers, destination airport etc.

It's also worth following the posts of different Facebook groups or on forums of cheap travel enthusiasts. It's also a good idea to download applications such as eSky to your phone, where you can not only find the best flight connections to your selected destination, for example to Amsterdam but also find out about the best price opportunities for flights to various parts of the world.

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✔️ When booking flights to Amsterdam can I take care of the insurance?

At while booking flight tickets, you can also buy different kinds of insurance, according to your needs. Thanks to that, your trip will be safe and comfortable.

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At we offer an accommodation search engine, thanks to which you can take care of your accommodation in the place you are travelling to, even before the travel. The accommodation can be booked independently from the ticket or as a part of Flight+Hotel package.

✔️ Which airlines offer flights to Amsterdam?

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Amsterdam is a city with a perfect atmosphere for a 'city break'. All the tourists fall in love with a friendly atmosphere, ethnic diversity of residents and a large number of bicycles and water canals thanks to which, the city is called the Venice of the North. Thanks to cheap flights from Poland to Amsterdam you can also taste a real Dutch gouda. The capital of the Netherlands also offers numerous coffee shops as well as the famous red light district.

Cheap flights from Poland to Amsterdam are worth buying not only in spring and summer when the weather is very nice. There are many restaurants, pubs and cafes when you can warm up while visiting. It's also a perfect occasion to relax and watch the residents of Amsterdam.

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