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Cheap airfare to Moscow - To a whole new world.

There are various talks about Russia. There are many common, frequently exaggerated stereotypes about the country, the city, and its residents. Before booking a flight to Moscow, you should discard them once and for all and realize that there are as many opinions as people who are spreading them. It is worth remembering and not allowing them to influence our perceptions of staying in the city. We will not know what Moscow really is until we visit it.

Today's technology and the development of aviation are making traveling easier. The popularity of cheap flights to Moscow and other cities around the world is an effective driver of tourism. For us — travelers — it is very good news. Thanks to this, in the near future we will be able to count on even cheaper airline tickets, more widely available attractions and greater ease in organizing short and long-term trips. If we have such a wide range of possibilities, it would be a sin not to use it.

Why fly to Moscow?

Moscow is the capital of the largest country in the world - Russia. The city itself is one of the largest cities in the entire world, both in terms of area and population. Only in Moscow, there are as many Russians as 1/3 of the population of Poland. The Russian City attracts with its unique atmosphere and numerous tourist attractions. That is why more and more travelers are persuaded to travel to Russia.

The argument, which is usually the proverbial dot over an "I," are cheap air tickets to Moscow. They enable traveling to one of the world's unique cities at a very favorable price. If we are able to fly for 100, 200 or even 300 PLN in both directions, it is understandable that we will not miss such an opportunity. However, before we set foot on Russian soil for the first time, we must plan the entire trip and choose the offers of flight and accommodation.

Flights to Moscow from Polish airports

We will reach Moscow from most airports in Poland. It is worth knowing that the offers of flights to the Russian capital at each airport is slightly different. Traveling by plane has its own rules, and one of them is that the offer of flights from large airports is always wider than that of smaller airports. The reason is simple: it is more profitable for carriers to fly from places where a large number of passengers on board.

The widest selection of flights from Poland to Moscow can be found at the airport in Warsaw. Flights from the capital will probably take place frequently, in which the passengers will have plenty of options. You can also get to Russia from other airports — the only difference may be a slightly smaller selection of dates and carriers to choose from. You can buy the airline tickets to Moscow via the Internet, so there is no need to arrive at the airport earlier than on the day of departure.

How to buy airline tickets to Moscow online?

In the beginning, we have to search for the flight offer we are interested in. It will be best to use a flight comparator for this, e.g., the eSky website. The advantage of the comparison website over the usual carriers' websites is that it allows you to compare the offers of different airlines. Using eSky, we will be sure that we have chosen the best-suited offer for you and we have not overlooked anything.

Once you've made your choice, just click the "Choose" button and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. Among others, the system will ask you to provide personal data and determine the date of the flight. In the end, we'll go to the payment. After paying the reservation, your seat on the plane will be waiting for you. To complete the formalities related to your trip, before departure to Moscow you must check in.

Traditional or online check-in — which is better when flying to Moscow?

Regardless of the flight route, airlines encourage their passengers to check in online more often. It involves many benefits for both the traveler and the carrier. The most important factor is to reduce the time needed at the airport to prepare for the flight. Thanks to online check-in we do not have to wait in line for a traditional check-in, because the boarding pass that entitles us to board, will already be possessed by you.

Although the online check-in process is very simple, there are people who don’t feel comfortable using the computer and prefer to stay with the traditional check-in. To successfully complete the briefing, we need, among others ID card or passport and the reservation number or paper airline ticket to Moscow. After checking in at the desk with the baggage and required documents, you will receive a boarding pass with which you can board.

Security Control at the Polish and Moscow airports

Before each flight, passengers are subjected to security checks. Both the traveler and his luggage are subjected to inspection. Before arriving at the airport, it is worth knowing how to behave during the process, so that everything goes smoothly and without complications.

During the check, each passenger is asked to place his hand luggage on a conveyor belt and go through a metal detector. Before you go through the metal detector remove the outer garments and all metal elements that you are wearing (belt with a metal buckle, keys, telephone). You should take out the fluid bag from the carry-on baggage and open it if necessary for the check. After a successful check-in and security check, we can board the plane to Moscow.

City Break in the capital of Russia

Not everyone knows that you can decide to travel by plane, even if you’re not planning a vacation. Due to the cheap flights to Moscow and other cities, flying for a while now isn’t a luxury for the rich people only. If we want to, we can afford airline tickets much more often then once a year. More and more people choose a 2 to a 3-day trip abroad that is included with a flight, which they treat this as a weekend getaway. A great idea for a weekend getaway trip may be just a city break in Moscow.

Foreign city weekend breaks can successfully be replaced with the mountains or the sea. It will be a good proposition, among others for couples, families with children and even singles who want to go on a solitary trip. Since we usually strive to make the weekend trip cost as little as possible of the household budget, we should opt for cheap flights to Moscow. Thanks to this we will pay a little, and we will be able to enjoy a great standard of flight anyway.

Where to find cheap plane tickets to Moscow?

Similarly, as in the case of purchasing standard tickets, it is most convenient to use the eSky Moscow flight comparison system for cheaper carriers. Because it searches for offers from all available carriers, it will show us what is the cheapest fare. The system automatically places the cheapest flights at the top of the search results. When you decide on a specific offer, just book a ticket.

The eSky search engine not only serves to compare prices. Thanks to it, you can freely filter offers, including in terms of the number of transfers, carriers or start and returns times. It makes travel organization very easy because we can completely adept the flight to our plans. In addition, to the flight, you can immediately book accommodations for Moscow, which will perfectly match the time of the air connection.

"Flight + Hotel", the way to a hassle-free stay in Moscow

The new eSky search engine option has “Flight + Hotel”. This option is similar to the cheap flights' search engine, but its functionality has been extended to search for accommodation as well. If you want to book flights with accommodations in Moscow, it is easy enough to use this service, the system will prepare an offer for you, for which you pay with a single click.

What’s important is we have the ability to personalize both flights and accommodations. We can specify, for example, what type of accommodations we are looking for (including a hotel, apartment, boarding house), with which catering (full, half-board, breakfast only) or what kind of area should you find near your place of stay (eg downtown, Red Square, Kremlin).

✔️ Are there any special offers for flights to Moscow at

On website we regularly upload deals and travel offers at low prices. Follow us and get inspired!

✔️ When booking flights to Moscow can I take care of the insurance?

At while booking flight tickets, you can also buy different kinds of insurance, according to your needs. Thanks to that, your trip will be safe and comfortable.

✔️ If I book flights to Moscow, can I also book accommodation on the spot?

At we offer an accommodation search engine, thanks to which you can take care of your accommodation in the place you are travelling to, even before the travel. The accommodation can be booked independently from the ticket or as a part of Flight+Hotel package.

✔️ Which airlines offer flights to Moscow?

At we make sure that the offer for flights to Moscow include not only low-cost airlines, but also those specializing in high standard.

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