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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Colombian peso (COP)

  • Pasaje del Sol

    The boardwalk on which you can find everything you might need. The trading street, where you can buy souvenirs, eat tasty dinner, and in evenings have fun in night club.

  • Relax

    To rest from the city’s hustle and bustle, go to Ronda del Sinú on the eastern bank of the river. This is a recreational park, where freely live iguanas and monkeys.

  • Pearl on the river

    Having almost half of millions of citizens city is considered as one of the ten most important ones in Colombia. It is referred to as La Perla del Sinú – the pearl of the river Sinú.

What’s worth seeing in Monteria?

Probably first people on this area were Indians Zenú, that used to live by the riverbank. The Spanish settlement was established in 1777 by Antonio de la Torre y Miranda. He called it San Jerónimo de Buenavista, to commemorate Saint Jeronimo, but citizens preferred the name Monteria. 

In the beginning Monteria was located on the eastern part of the river. Miranda moved it to the western side. But as early as in 1803 the town was burnt by indigenes. Citizens moved it again to the eastern side. In recent years, once again the western part has become popular to live in.

There are two ways to get through the Sinu river. First one, obviously, is getting taxi or bus to pass through an enormous bridge. Second way is much older and characteristic for Monteria. You can use planchones – covered, wooden raft, that moves from one bank to another and looks like tram – they are attached to ropes, stretched between two banks. We recommend to travel on such raft at least once.

It is best to move around through the whole city by motorbike taxi. Except on Tuesdays. That day, as part of environment protection policy, motorbikes are forbidden to drive. Upon taking taxi, remember to first ask for price, that can be negotiated. In night taxis are much more expensive

One of the most beautiful colonial monuments of Monteria is the cathedra San Jeronimo. Details are highlighted with gold colour. The whole building is painted in white. On each of four sides of a tower, that can be seen from afar, there is a clock. Interiors are quite humble. For holidays the Cathedral is beautifully illuminated.  

Cheaply, quickly and tasty you can eat in Pasta e Salsa at Carrera 4. They served Italian cuisine – ravioli, pastas and soups. The choice isn’t vast, but dishes are fresh and filling. Whereas eating in Freeminds Gastro Bar is an original culinary trip. Classical pizzas or burgers in unusual form or with unique ingredients – you can definitely eat healthy there.

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