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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • A ship in the middle of the city

    Many tourists get totally taken aback when suddenly they see a ship in the middle of the city. But for locals, it is such a normal view like the ocean surrounding the city. You will find the ship near the sanctuary Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes.

  • Pedra da Miraguaia

    A very characteristic rock, called also a natural crust, is located just by the beach Gravatá. It is attracting both nature lovers and avid fisherman.

  • Fancy some adrenaline?

    Go to Morro da Pedra in Escalvados district. It is a hill covered with characteristic for Brazil Atlantic forest. You can try there parachuting and other extreme sports.

What’s interesting to see in Navegantes?

A seaside city in the southern Brazil. It was granted the city charter just in 1962. Before that, for nearly 300 years, it had been the part of bigger city Itajaí. In the beginning it was named Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, which means Holy Mather of Navigators, after the first chapel built in that place in the year 1896.

In order to avoid a turbulent - in the area of Navegantes - ocean, the port was built a bit further into the land, by the mouth of the river. To this day, most of its citizens are working in shipyards or as fisherman. Thanks to that, every morning at local harbour markets, you can get delicious fishes and seafood.

The best bread and cookies you will get in Padaria e Confeitaria Deluca in Meia Praia district. Fresh, crispy bread is available here a few times per day.  Obviously, it is not the only spot in the city like that. If you fancy something sweet while sightseeing, step by Holy Bulle by Avenida Conselheiro João Gaya.

If you come here in the carnival, you have a chance to witness a very colourful party. Traditionally, on each Monday during the carnival, there is Navegay, a party on which woman are dressed as man and man as woman. The highlight of the event is a contest for the best disguise.

From the mouth of a river in the south, through almost whole shore, there is a sandy beach stretched out. It only narrows at the very last part, in the north. Nevertheless, you can walk by the ocean along the entire city. Save around 2 hours one way for such trip. In summertime by beaches there are operating rentals of sunbathing, diving and other water sport equipment. When heat abates, beaches get filled with fisherman. You can rent fishing pole for yourself and try catching something for supper.

When you get hungry, taste seafood at Sinestesia Sentidos E Paladares. They are prepared in various ways, though the most popular one is grilled octopus with vegetables. Brazilians love fast-food and are masters in making it. You will find out yourself in Brazuca Lanches e Petiscaria at Avenida Prefeito Jose Juvenal Mafra.

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