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Cheap flights to Oslo from Poland

The airports in Oslo are very well connected with Poland. The low-cost airlines offer from Oslo to Poland includes almost all airports in the country. To the capital of Norway, you can get by three low-cost airlines and one regular airline. You can easily find cheap flights to Oslo  at any time of the year.

Depending on the airport in Poland, a flight to Oslo doesn't last longer than two hours. That's why there are many connections on the routes Warsaw-Oslo or Gdansk-Oslo. Cheap flights to Oslo from Poland are also available on the routes Krakow-Oslo or Poznan-Oslo, planes to Norway also fly from Lublin or Rzeszow.

The cheapest flights to Oslo are offered by three low-cost airlines that operate on routes Poland-Norway. These airlines are Ryanair, Wizz Air and the Norwegian low-cost airline Norwegian. The flight schedule from Poland to Oslo is valid throughout the year. Flights take place at different intervals, from one to seven days a week.

Where to buy cheap airline tickets to Oslo?

Air connections Poland – Oslo are offered by three airlines so it doesn't make sense to check the offer of every single airline. The best way is to compare prices and choose the cheapest airline ticket to Oslo using the flight comparison website. Thanks to that, you'll avoid the risk of paying too much for an airline ticket to Norway.

If you want to find a cheap airline ticket to Oslo, use the search engine, for example, eSky, where you can enter the name of the departure airport in Poland and the flight date. There are three airports in Oslo, but you can select all of them in order to check the cheapest flights to Oslo. You can find out that the airline ticket on the selected flight date is much cheaper at a different airport than at the one you initially planned.

If your flight dates are flexible, use the calendar where you can check out the days when low-cost airlines offer the cheapest flights to Oslo. Usually, flights are cheaper in the middle of the week, and more expensive on weekends, but this is not a rule, especially when there is a holiday in the middle of the week.

Airports in Oslo

There are three airports in Oslo. Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) is the closest to the city, located 50 km from the city center and is a former military airport. Currently, it's an international airport that serves, among others, Gdansk-Oslo, Szczecin-Oslo, Krakow-Oslo, Warsaw-Oslo flights. You can get there with low-cost airlines

Moss-Rygge Airport (RYG) is located about 66 km south of Oslo and is the regional Norwegian airport and the airport for low-cost airlines. Ryanair flights to Oslo from Poland take place from several airports. The air connections are available on routes: Gdansk – Oslo, Krakow – Oslo, Poznan – Oslo, Rzeszow – Oslo, Szczecin – Oslo, Warsaw-Modlin – Oslo and Wroclaw – Oslo.

The third airport that offers air connections to Oslo from Poland is Sandefjord-Torp (TRF). It's located 120 km from the city. You can get there with Ryanair on the routes Gdansk – Oslo, Krakow – Oslo, Warsaw-Modlin – Oslo. Low-cost airlines Wizz Air fly to Oslo from Gdansk, Lublin, Poznan, Szczecin, Warsaw-Okecie and Wroclaw.

When are the cheapest airline tickets?

Flights from Poland to Oslo are a great idea for a weekend or to spend a few days in a completely different place. However, you should consciously choose the date of a flight to Oslo to pay as little as possible for the ticket. If your flight date is not strictly defined, use the flight search engine where you can find the cheapest flights to Oslo.

Direct air connections from Poland to Oslo can cost even tens of zlotys. You should take the time to find such flights. If you don't have time or just don't want to do it, sign up for the newsletter.

Such a possibility is offered by eSky. You can choose the route between a Polish city and Oslo and the maximum price you want to pay for the ticket. When such a low-cost airlines offer to Oslo appears, you will receive an email. However, you should remember that the cheapest airline tickets quickly find their buyers, so don't hesitate with the decision.

Popular airlines flying to Oslo

Flights from Poland to Oslo are served by a regular SAS airline and three low-cost airlines. SAS offers flights on the route Gdansk - Oslo-Gardermoen. The Norwegian low-cost airlines that serve air connections from Poland are Norwegian. Airline tickets for flights to Oslo are sold from four Polish cities – Gdansk, Krakow, Szczecin and Wroclaw.

The Irish low-cost airline that is well-known in Europe, Ryanair, serves two airports in Oslo - Sandefjord-Torp and Moss-Rygge. Flights from Poland to Oslo and Sandefjord-Torp take place from Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw-Modlin. Cheap flights to Oslo Ryanair are also offered to the second airport - Moss-Rygge. Airline tickets can be bought on routes Gdnsk-Oslo, Krakow – Oslo, Poznan – Oslo, Rzeszow – Oslo, Szczecin – Oslo, Warsaw-Modlin – Oslo and Wroclaw-Oslo.

However, that's not all. Cheap flights to Oslo Wizz Air are also available. With these airlines, you can get to the Sandefjord-Torp airport from several Polish cities. Airline tickets to Oslo are available on routes from Gdansk, Lublin, Poznan, Szczecin, Warsaw-Okecie and Wroclaw.

Comparison of airline tickets to Oslo

If you want to find the cheapest airline tickets to Oslo, you should compare several elements. The ticket price to Oslo is just a component of the whole price for the travel. When looking for a cheap air connection to Oslo, pay attention to the arrival airport and costs. It may be a better idea to buy a slightly more expensive ticket than to pay for a train trip.

This is not the only difference between low-cost airlines. You can also reduce your flight price to Oslo by taking your checked baggage. It's not included in the ticket price to Oslo with Ryanair, Wizz Air or Norwegian. However, the ticket price to Oslo with checked baggage may be different. Low-cost airlines don't have a single price list, the fee for luggage may differ not only depending on its weight but also the flight date.

You should also pay attention to the hours of the travel. This is especially important when you fly for a short time and want to spend as much time as possible in the capital of Norway. Choose a flight to Oslo to spend as much time as possible in the city. If you're an early bird, you'll probably like flying to Oslo early in the morning. Thanks to this you will have plenty of time to explore the city.

When to buy airline tickets?

If you want to visit the capital of Norway, plan your trip as soon as possible. Thanks to that, you'll buy cheap airline tickets to Oslo and you'll save more money that you can spend in a different way. When buying airline tickets, follow the simple rules - buy a ticket as soon as possible or at the last moment, just before departure.

The first option is for people who know the flight date and are not able to change it. It's worth buying a cheap airline ticket to Oslo as quickly as possible. The closer to the departure date, the fewer airline tickets to Norway in low-cost airlines can be found.

However, if you don't have a specific flight date and can make a decision at any time, you can find the cheapest airline tickets to Oslo from Poland even a few hours before the flight. It all depends on your family and work and the purpose of the flight to Oslo. If you just want to visit the city, you can be flexible.

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Oslo is the capital and the largest city of Norway. Nowadays, Norway is very popular among tourists who like amazing views and nature. This is why they often choose Flights to Oslo.

Norway is very interesting. Travelers from different places all over the world want to fly there. However, it can be really expensive. Tourists can get to Norway without spending too much money thanks to cheap flights, such as Cheap flights to Oslo. This is the best solution because they are able to reduce travel costs and save a lot of money. Flights to Oslo are available in many travel agencies. The best option is to look for them on the Internet because it’s easy to find Cheap flights to Oslo.

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