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Houari Boumediene

  • General information

    Official language: Arabic
    Time zone: UTC +1
    Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD)

  • Concerts in Ramadan

    On the area of a museum Bardo in times of Ramadan, there are highly popular gigs and trips with a guide.

  • Outside the city

    In the town Tipaza you can see Roman ruins and tumulus, which is a tomb of Numidian kings. In local port you can try the best in the world sea food.

  • Formalities at the beginning

    Touristic visas to Algeria are issued only based on invitations from individuals living in a town, to which you plan to go to.

What’s worth seeing in Algiers?

Algiers is located on the African shore of the Mediterranean Sea capital of Algeria, that has three millions citizens and is relatively rarely visited by tourists. Though due to specific formal requirements, quite a difficult can pose obtaining a touristic visa, it is worth to apply for it. The white city and its residents fascinate with their charm and hospitality.

Algiers is referred to as the white city, as facades of buildings are covered in white painting. Though they are often down and dirty, faded from strong sunrays, the view of urban architecture – especially from the side of the sea – makes an enormous impression. The first city was established on that area by ancient Romans. It was destroyed around the 7th century by Arabs. Later on, that terrain was taken over by Phoenicians, Ottoman Empire, and in the 19th century by French. Till this day, in the city can be observed architectural influences of those cultures. What is worth to see there?

Surely the Great Mosque with minaret from the 14th century and mosques of Sidi Abdarrahman, Jam El-Jadida, Ali Bechine. Must see is a mosque of Ketchaoua, which during the reign of French, for more than 120 years, was serving as the catholic cathedral (of Saint Philip). Don’t forget about the basilica Notre Dame d'Afrique, the palace of Governor, the palace of d'Archeveche and La Grand Post (the Great Post Office), as well as the ethnographic museum Bardo. Make sure to visit enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List the oldest district of the city, Casbah. On one of the hills in the neighbourhood of the town, there was built in 1982 a 100-metres high Monument of Martyrs of Revolution. It is worth to go there, to see a beautiful city’s panorama.

The most famous local dishes are: harira (soup of chickpea, lentil and bean with harissa), chakchouka (poached eggs with tomatoes, chili and cumin), cous cous with vegetables and karantita (a type of pizza). Among desserts reign baklava, which is filo pie with honey, nuts and thibarine, a kind of liquor produced on base of dactyls. Don’t forget to try a very sweet mint tea. Where to eat? It is recommended to looks for merchants on streets and bazaars, and among restaurants to step by, for instance, La Badiane Restaurant and Tanjra Restaurant.


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