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  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • Skiing in Turkey

    The city is surrounded by mountain ranges, on which snow lies from November till April. A few kilometres from the centre there is situated the best in the country ski resort Palandoken,

  • A black amber

    Traditional souvenir from a visit in Erzorum is usually jewelry with black amber. Half noble mineral is mined only in the region of Oltu and Erzorum.

  • For kebab!

    Traditional cag kebap from Erzurum differs from other versions of this dish. It is served on a horizontal barbeque and served as shashlik, not in bread.

What’s worth seeing in Erzurum?

Situated at the mouth of the Pontic Mountains Erzurum is a frequent destination for lovers of snow madness. Also, fans of history will feel good there, as the city has ancient roots and is not missing historic buildings and charming alleys. It is a perfect choice as well for gourmets, as from there comes famous in the whole world lamb kebab. What else does this place have to offer?

Erzurum is the capital of Turkish province of the same name. Beginnings of the city go back to the first centuries of the new era when it was named Karin and territorially belonged to the Kingdom of Armenia. In the 4th century B.C. it finds itself under the reign of Romans, and in the 10th century, it belonged to the Byzantium Empire. In the middle ages, it passed under the ruling of Seljuks, whereas in the 16th century became a part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1916 in the battle of Erzurum, the army of the Ottoman Empire was crashed by Russians, and belongingness of Erzurum to Turkey was finally settled by the treaty from 1918.

Erzurum’s complicated history influenced the city’s appearance. Apart from Roman, Byzantine or Ottoman influences, one can easily notice their Armenian elements. In Erzurum there is plenty of monuments, among which dominative are mausoleums, madrasas, and mosques. A great observation point is a citadel from the 5th century A.C., from which there is an impressive view of the historic part of the city. It is worth to see especially known in the whole world, decorated with motifs of plants, madrasa of Two Minarets, Cifte Minareli, from the 13th century. A must see is also a 12th-century mosque Ulu Cami, a mausoleum Uç Kümbetler or a madras Yakutiye with Ottoman manuscripts in a museum.

What to eat after sightseeing the city? Erzurum is a spot, where is not lacking great eateries serving local snacks, like traditional kebab, which taste surely will be surprising to you. Another regional dish is cig kofte, cutlets of raw minced meat with the addition of bulgur and hot spices. After such dinner, for dessert it is worth to choose rachatłukum, a sweet jelly from fruit juice thicken with starch. This titbit is called “the consolation of the throat”. Where to eat? We recommend restaurants Erzurum Evleri, Kadayifci Muammer Usta and Gel-Gor Cag Kebabi.

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