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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • What does Makhinjauri mean?

    The name comes from the Georgian word “crippled”. It reportedly refers to Christians, who in that spot were supposed to be disabled by the Ottoman soldiers.

  • The walk on the boulevard

    Even, if you arrive at Makhinjauri, to rest from tumult, you can’t missed visiting at least once Batumi. Go for a walk on the boulevard, that was opened in 1884.

  • A play with dolphins

    Or maybe except people, you prefer to spend time with animals. In dolphinarium, you can have a closer look at their shows – they can not only hug and kiss, but also dance and…sing.

What’s worth seeing in Makhinjauri?

The lovely town at the Black Sea with a few thousands citizens. Some call Makhinjauri an European paradise – sandy beaches, natural plants, lack of huge hotels make it easy to rest while admiring amazing views. And to eat till one’s fill and drink Georgian wine.

Makhinjauri lies just 5 kilometres from Batumi, a touristic capital of the region. If you dream about resting by the Black Sea, but are discouraged by crowds of tourists, this place is perfect for relax. And if you can’t live without staying in a resort, remember that not far away, there is a calm place to which you can get away. For many years it has been known as a health resort. You can get there by bus or train, that go from Batumi a few times per day. Without any problem, you can also catch a taxi to get there.

The town started its career of the health resort in 1904, when Georgia was situated on the area of the Russian Empire. There are many residences for holiday goers from Moscow and other big Russian cities, that eagerly spend time by the warm sea. A half century later, Makhinjauri was officially named as a resort, classified as a place, where apart from the climate, curing are also sulphur resources.

Go for a walk on a path alongside the shore. After less than 2.5 kilometres, you will get to the Botanic Garden, established in 1912. It is situated on the picturesque, sleepy shore, called the Green Cape. A hill is covered by thousands of exotic plants, brought there from almost all over the world. The area is divided into nine geographical regions.

If by any miracle, you will encounter the less sunny day, nothing lost. Go to Batumi, to get to know history of development of this place. Next to the railway station, there is Nobel Brothers – a technological museum, where you can see almost 2000 exhibits. The most interesting is the presentation of the innovative technology of carrying crude oil, history of tradition of brewing and drinking tea, history of printing development and photography. You can also see there first colourful photos by Prokudin-Górski, one of the precursor in this area.

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