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Alfredo Vásquez Cobo

  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Colombian peso (COP)

  • For shopping

    For souvenirs step by Galeria Arte Uirapuru by Calle 8. It is the biggest craft shop in the city. You can buy there artefacts of local tribes and natural medicines for all maladies.

  • A parrots’ park

    In the evening go to Parque Santander, at the conjunction of streets Calle 10 and Carrera 10. Just before a sunset, parrots flew in there, sit on trees and prepare to sleep.

  • The city of any cultures

    Most of citizens of Leticia arrived there from Bogota, Medelin, Tomila. There is also strong representation of Indian autochthones originating from various tribes.

What’s worth seeing in Leticia?

Called the gate of the Amazon, a Columbian city on the bank of the river Amazon, situated just by border with Brazil and Peru. Leticia is very popular destination of journey for students learning Spanish.

Since the beginning it used to be a dispute area – the city was established in 1867 by the Peruvian government, that wanted to colonize shores of the Amazon before Colombians did. In 1932 riots erupted. They were put to an end two years later by the decision of League of Nations to grant the city to Colombia. As government wanted to play it safe, it inhabited the area with citizens of Bogota.

Originally the city was named San Antonio. The legend says, that first settlers found there a cross with such writing. Whereas today’s name is originating from Leticia, though it remains a controversial issue, of which Leticia we speak of. First version tells a story of a local Indian with such a name, whom a Colombian soldier fell in love with. Second one is referring to Saint Leticia.

Everything you need to know about the jungle, before you set off to its heart, you will find out in reservation Mundo Amazonico. It is toured with a guide, by embarking on one of four demarcated routes.

Local cuisine takes advantage from cultural diversity. You can taste there dishes characteristic for almost each region of Colombia, there are also strong influences of Peru and Brazil. Delicious soup – Sancocho – has may versions there, depending on the region, from which cook is coming from. The most popular are fishes from the nearby Amazon, meat of breeding animals and wild ones, and to this rice and local vegetables. Typical Sunday dinner is composed of barbequed on frying pans meat with rice and bananas.

In Leticia don’t look out for expensive restaurants for tourists. Much more tasty and in accordance with traditional regional cuisine you will eat in small bars with plastic tables and on stalls, where food is for take-away. From fishes we especially recommend gamitana and pirarucu. The most tasty fruits are sold on market at Calle 8, open from 5 am to 7 pm.

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