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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • The timetable

    Are you planning to get around by bus? Certainly, it’s the most popular mean of transport in the overcrowded city. Just don’t expect to find the timetable at the bus stop, as it’s placed… in the bus.

  • No fear of rain

    Belo Horizonte lies in the region of high rainfall. For that reason, there are wide overhangs attached to the buildings right above the sidewalk to provide protection from rain.

  • Make sure what you’re buying

    In shops or bars, we often pay at one counter and receive the purchase at the other. So, you need to know the names of the products, because you won’t have a chance to point at them.

Things to see in Belo Horizonte

Astonishing architecture, the huge city park in the midst of it, and local eateries with a warm family atmosphere – undeniably, Belo Horizonte has a lot to offer to every traveler.

The city is located in the south-east of the country, 440 km away from Rio de Janeiro, at the foot of the Espinhaço Mountains. It’s been structured by American urban planning guidelines. Some of the buildings were designed by the most famous South American architects, e.g., Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa. The majority of the greatest constructions are to be found in the Pampulha district, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2016. You’ll see here the city’s most outstanding shrine – the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, raised in 1943. It features a hangar-like, undulating concrete roof, which was badly received by the clergy.

If you are planning to do shopping, the Mercado Central will be just right. The city’s biggest marketplace on Avenida Augusto de Lima is open every day. You can choose from a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, cheese, and crafts. You can also have lunch here – there is a great number of roofed bars and gourmet stalls.

In the very heart of Belo Horizonte, Américo Renné Giannetti city park is situated, covering 45 ha of land. It attracts its visitors with 280 species of native and outland trees that provide habitat for about 50 types of birds. Lush nature together with the surrounding mountains make Belo Horizonte a well-known spa town.

Among the most popular attractions are so-called escape rooms – the places you have to escape from after solving clues and puzzles. For the best games, visit Escape 60 on Rua São Domingos do Prata.

Xapuri Restaurant in the district of Trevo is a must when it comes to dinner spots. A typical Brazilian cuisine, long wooden tables set outside, and a family atmosphere invite you to enjoy your meal with strangers. In addition to alcohol, every bar serves more or less sophisticated food. Brazilian menu is ruled by grilled meat and deep-fried snacks you can eat with your fingers. The most popular places by locals are Mercearia 130, Bar do Zeze, and Patorroco. For breakfast Brazilians usually have pies and cookies with various toppings. They may be found in every bakery.

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