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Municipal Airport Belize City

  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC -6
    Currency: Belize dollar (BZD)

  • A magnificent underwater world

    Coral reef of Belize, the second biggest one in the world, goes for more than 300 kilometres. Swimming in this area is an unforgettable experience, just remember not to touch anything!

  • Coral islands

    In the area there are many coral islands – most of them are not inhabited. The most famous is Ambergris Cay with one town – San Pedro. You can reach it by ferry.

  • Paradise hotels

    In the city’s region, on islands, you will find bungalows built on pales, which serve as hotels. Water and food is bought there from the shore, and you can feel like in paradise!

What’s worth seeing in Belize City?

Belize City is the biggest city in Belize, a country located on the eastern shore of Middle America. From north it borders with Mexico, from south and west with Guatemala. The city itself is tiny, as it has not more than 60 thousand of citizens, and is situated by the Caribbean Sea. Belize used to be the country’s capital until it was moved to Belmopan.

In most cases Belize is not the city you visit on purpose. It is rather a place you visit sort of by the way. Common scenarios are that tourists staying in Mexico or Guatemala visit Belize as part of their trip. It doesn’t have to be that way – Belize has the best rum, fantastic beaches and beautiful weather the whole year round. Do you fancy visiting a place that in December offer you temperature of more than 20 Celsius degrees? You will meet there tourists travelling mainly from the US, that want to see a located nearby jungle, where there are preserved buildings from Mayan époque. 

Activities that tempt people to Belize as the country and Belize the city, which – as we mentioned – is situated by the magnificent Caribbean Sea – are those connected to water. There are perfect conditions for swimming, diving and admiring the underwater world which is especially abundant in this region. Thing that fascinates divers as much as nature are ships’ wreckages, that can be admired between islands. They are the echo of the past, where many migrants were arriving to the country, and also many pirates! If you never have tried diving, don’t bother – there are plenty of diving schools that can teach you everything.

Staying there, you definitely have to try the best gift given by surrounding nature – seafood. Shrimps, crawfishes, fishes of all kinds, that you haven’t even dreamed of. Taste also cheeses produced by local suppliers. Outstanding vibe to accompany your dinner will be guaranteed by unique music, very characteristic for Belize. It is a mix of Caribbean rhythms with influences given by American’s hippies. Music is performed live, of course!

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