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  • General information

    Official language: German
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Musicians from Grimm’s fairy-tale

    One of the most popular monument in Bremen is the one depicting four musicians from the brothers Grimm’s fairy-tale. Once you see it, make sure to gram the donkey, standing down there, at both of its hocks!

  • The oldest town hall

    The town hall in Bremen is the oldest type of that building in the whole Europe. Definitely enter inside, to a located in the basement restaurant Bremer Ratskeller and try local famous herrings!

  • Freimarkt

    In Bremen, for two weeks of October, there is taking place the third biggest beer festival in Germany. It attracts more than four million visitors!

What’s worth seeing in Bremen?

Bremen is a city located in northern part of Germany, in a federal state of the same name. first notes on its appeared already in the 8th century, and many people associate it mainly with football club Werder Bremen, that has there its premises.

In the city are perfectly synchronized old buildings with those very modern ones. Potential of flowing through it river is greatly utilized and enormous green areas are neat and seem to be asking for you to take a rest on them just at least for a moment. Bremen is majestic, but not overwhelming like others, big Western metropolises.

In front of the town hall there is a monument of Roland, where you reach and turn your back on it, you will discover a narrow, secret street – Boettcherstrasse, that connects the centre with the river’s bank. Its construction was started by Ludwig Roselius, whose house is situated nearby and is worth to step by there and see collection of beautiful items nest to the house there is a chime. Each hour a spectacle takes place there – on a tower appears portraits of conquerors of seas, and lovely melody accompanies them, played by thirty porcelain bells.

Being in Bremen, make sure to visit Ostertor district, especially Ostertorsteinweg street. You can make there shopping in very original places and feel the vibe of the ancient town. We recommend you to visit Holtorfs Heimathaven, a shop with spices, locate at Ostertorsteinweg 6 and run by the same family for four generations!

If you want to go for a dinner, take into account that it won’t probably be light dish. German, or Austrian cuisine, that are dominant there, are very filling and tasty. Where it is especially worth to go? Very popular is, for instance, Kleiner Olymp at Hinter der Holzpforte 20, Schuettinger Gasthausbrauerei by Bahnhofsplatz 8 or Edel Weiss by Bahnhofsplatz 8.

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