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  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC+1 (summer), UTC+0 (winter)
    Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

  • I don’t understand

    In Newcastle is spoken Geordie dialect. It is the most difficult type of English, rich in elements of Scottish dialect and Scandinavian languages.

  • To a beer

    In the city, there is crafted a brown beer Newcastle Brown Ale, informally called Newkie Brown. Today it is a traditional symbol of northern East England.

  • By the water

    Near Tynemouth, there is a beach, which is eagerly used not only by pedestrians or lovers of swimming but also surfers.

What’s worth seeing in Newcastle?

Located in the northeastern part of England, Newcastle upon Tyne enraptures with Gregorian architecture, great art galleries, and rich nightlife.  In this neighborhood will fall in love not only lovers of history and entertainment but also water sports, as there are perfect conditions for doing windsurfing.

First notes about this town are dated back to times of reign of the emperor Hadrian. It was then, around 1st century B.C. when the Hadrian’s Wall was erected, that was the border of the Roman Empire back then and alter on a wall separating England from Scotland. To this day, its remains can be seen, for instance, around the metro station Wallsend. In the 11th century A.C. on that area was erected a wooden and in the 12th century a stone castle. In the following centuries, the town became an important marine port. Nowadays, Newcastle is an important cultural and university center of Great Britain.

What attractions does it offer to tourists? You can see there the best examples of Gregorian architecture in Europe. It is worth to go especially to the heart of the city, for instance, Gray Street, Grainger Street, and Clayton Street. Over there you can find characteristic, mostly multi-storey buildings with slender towers and vertical dormer windows, like Grainger Market or Theatre Royal. Lovers of the old architecture should also see the 11th century-cathedral of St Claus, a medieval castle Blake Gate and a steel bridge Tyne bridge from the beginning of the 10th century

What is worth to eat there? Dishes characteristic for that region originate from the working class tradition. Even though they are not very fancy, it is really worth to try them. Local specials are, for instance, pan haggerty, a gratin from slices of potatoes, onion and cheddar cheese, and saveloy dip, which is dipped in thick sauce bun with paste from green pea and sausages with mustard. A must try is also stotties, a rounded, flat bread with a thick consistency, as well as sinngin’ hinny, wheat pies with blackcurrant. Where to eat? We recommend, among others, Starks Kitchen, The Bridge Tavern, and Blackfriars Restaurant.

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