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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC+1 (summer), UTC+0 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • A single skyscraper

    The city has just one tall building – a 14-story Gran Hotel in Parque Islas Canarias. You might want to get there and access the top to admire a panoramic view of the city.

  • The specialty of Arrecife

    While grabbing quick bites, don’t miss out on the best treat in Arrecife. It’s a fresh fish sandwich and, according to the locals, it tastes great with a pint of chilled beer.

  • A street market

    Every Saturday, a busy market takes place at Plaza de Las Palmas. It’s very popular among both the inhabitants and tourists. You can get the best fruits and vegetables and listen to the live music at the same time.

Things to see in Arrecife

The city of Arrecife is situated in the central-eastern part of Lanzarote, within the Spanish Las Palmas Province, in the Canary Islands. It derives the name from its specific location – the majority of the coast on which the city lies is fringed by inshore reefs and underwater rocks. “Arrecife” means „reef” or „rock” in Spanish.

The city has always been linked to the sea, and even today it resembles a fishing town. There’s a port currently served by ferries from both, Europe and Africa. One of the most important spots on the map of Arrecife is Charco de San Ginés, a lagoon connected with the ocean by a narrow channel which makes its waters calm and crystalline. You’ll see boats and small-sized ships anchored here as well as the promenade stretching along the waterfront. Go for a walk to enjoy the view of reefs and rocks that mark the landscape.

Spend also some time walking down Calle Leon y Castillo – the main commercial street in Arrecife. It’s lined with beautiful tenements, shops, restaurants, and coffeehouses. Small local stores and luxurious name-brand boutiques stand side-by-side. It’s here that you’ll indulge in the atmosphere of the city. Have a glass of freshly squeezed juice made out of home-grown fruits or grab some tapas – the very famous Spanish snacks. You’ll find fine local pottery too.

Where to dine? As might be expected from the seaside, Arrecife has a lot to offer. One of the most popular restaurants serving Spanish cuisine is Lani’s at 2 Avenida Playas. All the dishes are prepared in a sophisticated manner. Another well-known place is La Cocina de Colacho on Calle La Destiladera. It’s said that no one should leave the island without eating here! If you want to spend the evening enjoying tapas, go to La Carmencita del Puerto on Avenida de Las Playas.

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