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  • General information

    Official language: German
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Entrance at an angle

    In a new town hall from February till November there is possible entrance (partly at an angle of 17 degrees) to view tower by “curved” elevator with glass floor. The ticket costs only 3 euros.

  • Party all the way

    Each year on the verge of June and July in the city there is the Marksmen’s Fair. For ten days and nights you can have fun in amusement park, on gigs and feasts.

  • On the thread

    The red thread of Hannover is a touristic route of length of 4.2 kilometres, by which there are located 36 historical spots. You can walk through it in less than an hour.

What’s worth seeing in Hannover?

Hannover is a city of ancient roots. Especially interesting are historical streets in the area of Ballhofplatz, where you can find examples of traditional German architecture. Lovely are also surroundings of University of Wilhelm Leibniz and Ahlem, where there is a place commemorating  old Jewish ghetto. Thing that distinguish the capital of region, are also green areas. It is worth to book a few hours for picnic by the river Leine or by the lake Maschsee, as well as in remarkably beautiful royal gardens Herrenhauser or in  Maschpark, especially in the area of the town hall.  In those places, when weather is nice, you will certainly meet many Hanoverians, who will feast there by barbeque or beer on open air.

It is worth to leave the city. In short distance from Hannover there are situated charming towns Hildesheim and Pattensen. First of them is known for monumental cathedral of Virgin Mary (Mariendom) from the 9th century and Roman church of St. Micheal (Michaeliskirche), both are on UNESCO world heritage list. Worth visiting is also the old town, which was completely rebuilt after being teared down during bombings of the second world war. Marktplatz is now considered to be one of the most beautiful main squares in the world. Pattensen is on the other hand visited by crowds, mostly due to neogothic castle Marienburg, which is until this day serving as residence of Hanoverian princes from the house of Welf. 

What distinguish cuisine of Lower Saxony? In local dishes there are mainly appearing pork sausages, but also wild meat or fishes – both fresh-water ones (red bass or trout) and marine (flounder). This region is also famous for dishes with collard (called the Oldenburg palm), such as collard with spicy sausages, and “white gold”, meaning white asparagus served Dutch sauce or butter and with a company of glass of white wine. In Hannover it is also recommended to look for flat-cakes from groats flour and cream made of white wine according to recipe of the house of Welf (Welfenspeise). Where to eat in Hannover? We recommend places serving traditional dishes, like Bavarium, Broyhan Haus and Reimanns Eck.

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