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  • General information

    Official language: Greek
    Time zone: UTC+3 (summer), UTC+2 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Macedonia in Greece

    Region, in which Thessaloniki is located, is called Macedonia. The city was founded by the king of Macedonia, and its name comes from the name of the ruler’s wife – Tessaloniki.

  • A district with heart

    If you are still missing some vibe of the Greek city – go to the district Ladadika, the old, harbour, Jewish district. You will find there a lot of great restaurants and vibrant eateries.

  • A good advice

    Did you get lost during wonderful walks around the city? Don’t worry! All you need to do is to follow whichever path downside and you will definitely reach the sea and from there you can go wherever you want to.

What’s worth seeing in Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki – the second biggest city in Greece. Located in the northern part of the country, by the Thessalonian Gulf, by the Aegean Sea. It is also being referred to as the second capital of Greece.

One of the most recognizable places in Thessaloniki is Aristotle square, characterized by unique architecture – make sure to put it on your list of worth seeing places. From the square goes a boardwalk, all the way to the Rotunda, known also as the church Agios Georgios. It is the oldest building of this kind in the city. By aforementioned boardwalk there were placed umbrellas in 1997 as temporary decoration connected to celebration of the Cultural Capital of Europe. They have become so popular among locals and tourists that they stayed there to this day.

If you fancy to take a look at the city from a bit higher perspective, we recommend a trip to the White Tower. It was built by Turks as part of defending walls by the sea. Nowadays, it is worth to climb this not-so-high building and admire from its top the panorama of the city and the port.

It is worth to go for a walk through narrow streets to feel the vibe of the city. Drivers treat their cars completely different than in the majority of others European cities. They are only mean of transportation, that have to guarantee you getting to your destination and finding a parking spot, which often is Thessaloniki is nearly impossible. No one there cares about scratches, those smaller and bigger ones.

Speaking about the vibe of the city, it is hard to omit a subject of a local market, where you can feel it best. In Thessaloniki it is placed by Vlali 40 and you can get there everything, from souvenirs to clothes, but above all it is worth to pay attention to spices and fresh, local products.

Tasting local dishes while travelling is one of the most important part of it? Thessaloniki isn’t short of places worth visiting. Locals and tourists recommend among others, restaurant Bazagiazi, which can be find at
Vassileos Irakliou 35. Take a look at Tougi by Karipi 28 or to Sempriko by Fragkon 2. In each of this places you will taste Mediterranean cuisine, especially its Greek version.

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