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  • General information

    Official language: Greek
    Time zone: UTC+3 (summer), UTC+2 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • The Ancient name

    The name of the city – Kos – was first mentioned in an epic poem by Homer – “Iliad”. Since that time – from around 7th century B.C. – it has remained in usage.

  • The city of the father of medicine

    In the city there was born the most brilliant doctor of the ancient times – Hippocrates. In his honour there is a tree name: a huge plane-tree with circuit of 14 metres standing by the castle Neratzia.

  • The small island

    The whole island has only 50 kilometres of length, that is why make sure to visit at least a part of it while staying there. It is hard to get lost there, along Kos goes one, main road, from which are spread smaller ones.

What’s worth seeing in Kos?

Kos is the biggest city on an island of the same name, located on its eastern part. The city has the most important port of the island, and simultaneously one of the most important on all islands of the Aegean Sea. The city itself, with population of nearly 20 thousand people, is one of favourite travel destinations for tourists from all over the world.

The surroundings of the city were inhabited as early as in the third millennial B.C., and in its current place Kos was built in the year 366 B.C.  and later rebuilt in 1933 after a strong earthquake. Many buildings were destroyed, but some elements of old architecture can be still be admired. It its worth to point out that the earthquake brought also some positive effect. Thanks to it, many ancient ruins, both Greek and Roman ones, were rediscovered. While walking through a city, you will encounter many excavations.

One of the place you definitely has to see is the castle Neratzia. It was built in the 14th century as the fortress of order of Saint John. Today it is lovely displayed on a peninsula, surrounded from one side with the sea and from other with a port, which is a great destination for a walk. It is flanked by a beautiful boardwalk with palm trees alongside. You will see many colourful boats, feel the vibe of the seaside city and admire the aforementioned castle in the background.

Use thermal baths on the island. Water issues from rocks by the sea, but it is flanked by stones and do not mix with seawater. For relaxing time in that place it is best to go in the early morning or late evening.

What to try while being in Kos? Definitely pay attention to delicious, Greek ice cream, make sure to buy some honey produced on island, as well as scented herbs and dried tomatoes. Are you wondering where to go for dinner or supper? Tourists recommend a lot of places on the whole island. In the city of Kos step by, for instance, Lofaka y Agios Nektarios or Plaza Brach at 9 Sokratous. In both places you can try Mediterranean cuisine, especially Greek one.

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