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  • General information

    Official language: Russian
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Russian ruble (RUB)

  • The city of jazz

    Rostov-on-Don is known for many jazz festivals, that take place there the whole year round. The most popular one is Donskaya vesna, Mini-fest and Russian Comedy.

  • Rest by Don

    In summer citizens of Rostov eagerly ascends to the left bank of the river, that are covered in sandy beaches, on which you can feel like on holidays for a moment.

  • The city of monuments

    In Rostov-on-don they love to commemorate important people and events, building them monuments. They also have monuments of normal people, like a girl with violets. The city has them more than 100.

What’s worth seeing in Rostov-on-Don?

A city in the southern part of Russia, just by border with Ukraine. A first settlement was established there in 1749, and the city rights were granted a half of century later. Even though a city has been founded relatively recently, a region in the mouth of the river Don had been important trading and cultural centre. The river connected the northern part of the Emperor Russia with the southern one. A local port Temernitskiy was the only Russian port in the south. It was there where trading with countries of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegan Sea took place.

Rostov-on-Don is a real architectural pearl. It has 482 historic buildings and nearly 70 archaeological monuments. The most monuments are situated of course in the historic centre of the city. Bolshaya Sadovaya street, one of the oldest in Rostov, is simultaneously one of the most beautiful.

Make sure to walk through Pushkin street. Alongside 3,5 kilometres long street located are cafes and restaurants, in which locals eagerly spend time. At the beginning of the route there is Oktyabrskoy Revolutsyii park.

The cathedral of the Birth of Holy Virgin Mary, is one of the most important orthodox church in the city. It was erected in 1860. No strange then, that is there where the biggest city’s market is situated, where you can buy really everything – clothes, meat, fish, sweets and salads. You won’t get there typical souvenirs for tourists, but you can have a closer look, how citizens of Rostov live like.

If you want to rest, go for a walk to a zoo founded in 1927 in the old part of the city. Walking through green areas you can see almost all species of monkeys, amur tigers and polar beers. 

Cheap and tasty you can eat in Zloty Klos at Bolshaya Sadovaya. Sandwiches, fried eggs in pie and other snacks of local, home-made cuisine are perfect for breakfast. For dinner step to Smietana, where they prepared delicious dumplings. In the evening visit Harat’s Pub at Sotsialisticheskaya. They have splendid craft beers to accompany fried sausages.

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