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  • General information

    Official language: Ukrainian
    Currency: Hryvnia (UAH)

  • A square of bulbs

    In the centre of Kharkov there is Freedom Square, called, due to its shape, a bulb of the city. On the square there is a skyscraper Derżprom, which serves as inspiration for many Ukrainian authors of science fiction literature.

  • The capital city

    Kharkov in the 18th century was the capital of Sloboda Ukraine, which was at that time a governorate belonging to the Russian Empire. Locals are very proud of that part of history.

  • The host of sport event

    Kharkov was one of the cities, in which in 2012 matches of European Championship in Football were played. At that time, a new terminal of the airport was built and state of roads was improved greatly.

What’s worth seeing in Kharkov?

Kharkov is the second biggest town in Ukraine, located on the area of Central Russian Upland. Russian dominates among citizens, due to this it was considered as the second official language by the town council. You will meet there people extremely proud of their affiliation. 
Kharkov has all traits of East Ukraine. Soviet, monumental buildings mixed there with beautiful, colourful orthodox churches. Do you plan to find accommodation only at the spot? Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have problem with that in Kharkov. There aren’t many tourists, and offer of hotel is diversified, everyone will find something suitable. Of course the closer to centre, the more expensive, it is worth to go a bit further.

Staying in Kharkov, go for a walk alongside the Sumska Street, being the main artery of the city. A beautiful and highly unique theatre is situated by it, whose construction took more than 20 years. Step inside and find out, how sophisticated system of corridors it has; watch out you can get easily lost there! Before the entrance there is square, eagerly visited by young people, learning how to ride on skateboard.

In the city there is also the Historical Museum. Worth visiting if only due to the fact it perfectly displays the vibe of eastern Ukraine. It has a few small halls, for each there is separate ticket applicable, validated at the entrance. There aren’t many exhibits there, but they are diligently guarded by crew, checking if visitors don’t take pictures. Remember, that it is forbidden in that place.

In Kharkov you can taste all important dishes of cuisine of eastern Ukraine. Make sure to try genuine Ukrainian borsch – completely different that versions of that soup in other countries, it is enough to mention that it has sour cabbage, and often, tomato concentrate. On every corner street you can buy there bliny, leavened pies, a bit similar to pancakes, served with different ingredients. Highly popular are pielmieni – dumplings with filling of raw meat.

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