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What happens in Vegas? Stay in Vegas to find out!

Las Vegas is the most populated city located in county Clark of Nevada State. “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” says the famous neon sign designed in 1959. It has been a gift of the designer Betty Willis to the city and has become iconic ever since. To get to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, you have to take a flight to McCarran International Airport located just about four miles from the Strip. A regular traffic drive should take around fifteen minutes. Founded in 1905 the city had its first hotel El Rancho Vegas built in 1941. Five years later, the very first grand casino – The Flamingo – was opened by a New York mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

What happens in Vegas?

Las Vegas is full of tourist attractions. Casinos, dancing fountains, art shows, museums, exclusive restaurants – head to the famous Las Vegas Strip Boulevard and see them yourself. Gambling, food and fun. The Sin City earned its nickname back in 1906 when among prohibition, a place called Block 17 legally served alcoholic drinks to workers and railroad travelers. Nowadays Las Vegas still referred to as the Sin City, simply offers a lof entertainment and is a popular place for holidays or occasions such as bachelorette or a bachelor party because, as the rumour has it, what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas. Many people are also very excited about the easy way of getting married in Vegas but you should know that some level of preparation and documentation is required to marry legally. All of the attractions are even more exciting if you think of the bargain offers for flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. If you want to have a wedding ceremony just for fun, it doesn't require any documentation but it's not official either. To get married in Vegas for real, you require a marriage license from the State of Nevada, which costs 77 USD. You'll also need a copy of your ID, passport or birth certificate and a driver's license.

Cheap flights to Las Vegas – how to get them?

Air tickets from Los Angeles to Las Vegas are widely available as there are approximately twenty-nine flights a day in this direction. Where to find cheap LAX – LAS flights? The simplest way is to pick a cheap flight search engine that will find you all available options and will help you compare them. Check out how simple it is on The cruises are operated by airlines like the Spirit, the Southwest, the American Airlines or the Frontier Airlines. A non-stop flight takes abour one hour and fifteen minutes. Promotional flights Los Angeles – Las Vegas can be also purchased from Delta, United or Alaska Airlines. When to go? New Year's Eve in Las Vegas can be an extraordinary experience and thus the prices of the tickets go up to 200 or 300 USD. However if you fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in other months, you can get tickets for as little as around fifty dollars per person for a round trip. The cheapest months to visit Vegas are: January, February and April. Travelling off-season helps you save money and get air tickets Los Angeles – Las Vegas even half price. Also if you book tickets outside of weekends, during business hours, you're more likely to come across better flight deals. Choose your dates wisely – flights outside weekends are  less expensive.

The best bet of Las Vegas – top attractions

Luxor Hotel and Casino impress the visitors of Las Vegas since the 1990's. The huge pyramid guarded by enormous Sphynx is actually a hotel. The imaginative way of interior design have nestled the rooms into the walls of this extraordinary pyramid building. Prices of the rooms start at 100 US dollars per night but it's always cheaper if you come with friends and share your room and costs. A very interesting place on Las Vegas Boulevard is Neon Musuem, a non-profit organization taking care of old neon signs of Las Vegas. They collect, restore, study and exhibit Las Vegas signs as part of their mission, creating a fantastic cultural heritage display available for visitors. Tickets are $24. Las Vegas is one of those places attractive to celebrities, making it a considerably very small place with a large number of celebs to be spotted. Do you feel like having a star-struck moment? Check out the list of popular celebrity sightings. There are many, but the places that usually come up in all of them are: Ceasars Palace, The Cromwell or The Venetian Resort which are amazing pieces of architecture in their own rights even without famous people.

How to get around Las Vegas?

Cheap flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas arrive in McCarran International Airport. From there you have several options for further transportation. Cab fare from the airport to the Strip is around twelve to seventeen dollars, depending on a traffic. If you're fit and travel light, there's nothing to stop you from using your feet. The airport is located within walking distance – you'll get there in fity minutes of a brisk walk. Once you're there, one way of moving around the Strip is by Las Vegas Monorail. Don't buy a single ride ($5), choose a ticket to cover all your days of stay and you'll save a lot of money. A three-day-pass costs $USD 29.00. The Monorail trains arrive every four to eight minutes and cover seven stops at the main points of interest. The cheapest public transport to travel outside the Strip is The Deuce. It has two routes: SDX – Strip & Downtown Express from Grand Central @ LV Premium Outlets – North (N) to South Strip Transit Terminal Bay 3 (N). The other route is called The Deuce on the Strip with stops at almost all properties of the Strip. Tickets can be purchased on the bus and their costs are base on the time of travelling: A two-hour pass is $6, a 24-hour pass costs $8 and a three-day pass is $20.

Las Vegas on a buget

Yes, you can visit luxurious places and still have a budget holiday. It's simple. Your first step is to  look for a low-cost accomodation which can ideally be found in Downtown Las Vegas or in the area. You can get a hotel room for fifty dollars or less. Can you go cheaper? Sure! Get a room in a motel, where the prices start at twenty dollars leaving more spending money in your pocket. If you don't feel comfortable looking for Las Vegas accomodation deals on your own, then pick one of the Hotel + Flight travel packages which can be found on and save 30% of your costs with fast and easy booking.

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