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So many reasons to fly cheap from New York to Los Angeles

The competition between the two cities has always been a thing and will surely never stop being a topic of conversations. Truth be told, New York and Los Angeles both have amazing things to show and be proud of. If you look closer, you could probably even find a lot of similarities, like plenty of brilliant museums or great music venues. One thing for sure – most people do need a change once in a while, to see a broader a picture, to take a break, to miss your home. That's why we're encouraging you to buy a cheap flight to Los Angeles from New York and enjoy a fantastic holiday on the West Coast.

Fly to LA for great weather

Living in a changeable climate makes you miss sunshine from time to time. If you live in New York, you're used to the weather that can be pretty moody with winds and rains. Sunny days are a luxury. So if you plan a holiday – make it to a place that's sunny all year round. Los Angeles has its people completely spoilt with the amount of sunshine per annum. No matter when you book your cheap flight to LA, the weather is a guarantee and that's something all of the tourists appreciate in their holiday plans. Bring your summer clothes, swimming gear and head to one of the great beaches of California. Load up those sun batteries and smile. El Matador State Beach of Malibu is the most romantic sight of LA, with golden sand perfect for joggers. If you search deals for flights to Los Angeles specifically because you're a surfing enthusiast, Malibu Surfrider Beach should be your destination. The closest to the LAX Airport is Dockweiler State Beach where you can have a picnic, enjoy water sports, use the restrooms and even have bonfire in the evening.

Fly half-price to Los Angeles, go hiking and visit beautiful lakes

If your main motivation is escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city of New York and flying to California with its wild places, then you're in for a wonderful adventure. Rent a car and hit the road. Go hiking the Runyon Canyon. For experienced climbers seeking challenges, there's a range of mountains in California to be explored – the Sierra Nevadas. They make a beautiful backdrop for the city skyline. You can also visit some of the lakes within the area. For a example Lake Hollywood, which is an artificial lake supplying fresh water to the city. This is where you can take a lovely walk around and see the Hollywood sign from a small distance. If looking at water is not enough, go to the Big Bear Lake where you can stay camping, go fishing, swimming and boating. This popular place with recreation center is located in San Bernardino County, two hours drive from Los Angeles.

Bargain flight to L.A. and a cultural feast

Dedicated art-lovers specifically search for promotional flight tickets to Los Angeles, just to see the exhibitions of their favoutire artists. Regardless if you want to spend time indoors or not, during your visit in Los Angeles, we strongly recommend checking out at least a couple of their museums. They're interesting piece of architecture even to just walk around the grounds. If you climb up to the Getty Center Cactus Garden, you're rewarded with panorama of the city and Pacific Ocean. Van Gogh’s Irises, Monet’s Wheatstacks, Titian’s Venus and Adonis are just a few of the masterpieces that can be admired in the museum. For contemporary art head to the Broad, where you can find one of the finest collection of  modern art in the World. You simply can't fly to Los Angeles and miss their galleries with pieces by artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein or Cindy Sherman. 

Save money flying Los Angeles – car-free holiday is cheaper

If you plan to move about LA using public transport, it will cost you much less than you would've paid in New York. So on top of your savings from buying cheap flight tickets to LA, you'll have a bonus. The network of public transportation includes subways, light-rail, buses and shuttles. Car-free holiday is a great option with many advantages like – less stress, more opportunities to meet people, less bargain for the environment! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the views. Don't forget about using your feet or riding a bike which you can rent for a few hours or a day. If you're looking for ideas regarding little tourism within walking or pedaling distance in the area – refer to the guide “Car Free L.A.”. It's a selection of brilliant city-made self-guided itineraries.

Taste amazing fresh food in LA

Flying to Los Angeles for culinary tourism is a wonderful idea! “Local food” has a completely different meaning in Los Angeles than in New York. The city can boast with food that is fresh and healthy as many locals like making a healthy diet and exercise their priority. The important thing is that LA food is cheaper than in New York, so tasting delicious dishes of a great variety will not ruin your wallet. Gourmet restaurant, the hottest spots in town, a dinner with a view? Just ask around, the locals will point you in the right direction. Beware though, some restarants require reservations in advance.

Theme parks of Los Angeles

Fly to Los Angeles to bring back the best memories from your childhood. Remind yourself what it meant to be a child in one of the extraordinary theme parks around LA. Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountains or Disneyland promise great fun for the whole families. Visit your favourite Disney characters or hop on an exciting ride that will make you scream. Your children will make life-time memories from this one day of adventures. So it worth it? You know it is.

Flights to Los Angeles are cheap

Driving from New York to Los Angeles can take around 41 hours. A flight from New York City to Los Angeles takes between five and six hours. This is when you fly directly. A joined flight from NYC to LAX airports may take from eight to eleven hours. You can compare air tickets prices with cheal flight search engine. Prices of airline tickets in special occasions like New Year can cost around thousand dollars if you decide to book a few days before departure. However if you plan ahead, you should be able to find promotional flight tickets from New York to Los Angeles cheaper at least few hundreds dollars. Flight deals from NYC to LAX in June are usually between 200 and 300 dollars. The best time to fly cheap to Los Angeles from New York is January when the air tickets prices drop down below 200 dollars. The temperatures at that time of year in Los Angelers are around pleasant fifty-eight to seventy degrees Fahrenheit, it's mostly sunny with a little chance of rain. If you use a flight search engine for connections between New York and Los Angeles, the lookout for promotions will be much easier and faster than you think. You'll see all the offers by different airlines if your desired dates. Compare the flight deals with one click as can be done using the optimised flight search option for NYC – LAX on

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