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  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC -7
    Currency: United States dollar (USD)

  • Subtropical climate

    To spend summer in Phoenix, you must really like heat. During that time temperature is not falling below 38 Celsius degrees, there happen days where thermometers are showing even 43 Celsius degree. The highest temperature was recorded in 1990 – 50 Celsius degrees. To cool down, go to the lake Pleasant.

  • 33 Phoenix Points of Pride

    This mysterious name refers to worth seeing landmarks such as museums, sacral and other man-made structures, natural spots. 

  • Fossilized trees

    Such wonders can be found on square in front of Capitol. On a very neat lawn, full of local plants, are standing unobtrusive stones. If you take a closer look, you will notice that these are…trees!

What’s interesting to see in Phoenix?

A city founded in the second half of the 20th century on desert areas, close to the river Salt. The capital of Arizona state. Before white men appeared there, the neighbourhood of Phoenix for nearly 2 thousand years was inhabited by Indians Hohokam, who perfectly had dealt with harsh climate. They had developed their own irrigation system of fields, that allowed them to cultivate plants. The end of civilization Hohokam is dated around the year 1500, where droughts had become unendurable. Another Indian tribe in the region of today’s Phoenix was Pima, that was growing bean, corn and pumpkins. The tribe didn’t survive invasions of Apache that were lasting for many years.

Modern city was erected based on old irrigation systems. The name had been changed for a few times before finally in the middle of the 19th century some lord proposed the name Phoenix, symbolising the rebirth of the city on cinders of old civilisations. The city was blossoming, in entered the 20th century with its own office with telegraph, sixteen saloons, four ballrooms and two banks.

If you are only just planning a trip to Phoenix, choose February. This is when the Indian Festival of Hoop Dance is taking place. What is that? At first glance it looks like competition in dancing to the rhythm of drums with hula-hoop, but it is made by autochthonic Americans dressed in traditional, folk clothes. What’s interesting, dancers don’t twist hula hoop on their hips, but nimbly get themselves tangled in more and more small hoops to later get out of them. Each show is a spectacular one, telling a different story.

Through decades in Phoenix, thanks to closeness of the border with Mexico, Mexican cuisine was dominating. In recent years, people from other states, as well as Asia, have arrived at the city, which influenced a change in local tastes. Still you can eat there delicious dishes, but the offer has broaden. Perfect dishes, which are mix of Mexican and Chinese cuisine, are served in Chino Bandido at 15414 North 19th Avenue. Whereas, typical American, juicy steaks you will eat in Little Miss Bbq at 4301 E University Dr.

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