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  • General information

    Official language: Persian
    Time zone: UTC+4.5 (summer), UTC+3.5 (winter)
    Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)

  • Rock town

    40 kilometres south of Tabriz, the town of Kandovan is located. It is worth to see for yourself the houses carved out of the rock, which still have residential functions.

  • To trekking

    Approx. 200 km from the city The Babak fort is located. Located on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 2,700 m above the sea level it makes an amazing impression. Get ready for a two-hour hike and beautiful views.

  • Hot Springs

    Approx. 100 km west of the city, on the Urmia Lake, there is the largest concentration in the area of healing hot springs rich in phosphorus.

What’s worth seeing in Tabriz?

Located in north western Iran on the Talkheh river, Tabriz is the capital of the Eastern Azerbaijan province. With almost one and a half million inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in the country. Despite the big crowd and hurry, you can find there many greenery, excellent cuisine and a friendly atmosphere.

Although through centuries Tabriz has been destroyed many times by the earthquakes that haunt this region, the remains of former glory can still be seen in the city. Among the monuments must see is the Blue Mosque, whose oldest part is the entrance of Ivan from 1465. An amazing impression on visitors makes the interior of the temple lined with wonderful blue ceramics. It is also worth visiting the Ali Shah mosque from the 14th century, which in the 19th century became an urban citadel.

The opportunity to get to know the city better is also a visit to the city bazaar (Bāzār-e Tabriz), which has been operating in the same place for over 700 years. It is described as one of the oldest in the Middle East and is also the largest roofed marketplace in the world. The beauty of its unique architecture and atmosphere is confirmed by the fact that in 2010 it was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is worth knowing that it consists of several smaller bazaars, for instance Amir Bazaar (gold and jewellery), Mozzafarieh (carpets). When looking for refreshment, it is worth going to one of 132 parks (including four urban ones), like El Goli with an artificial pond and restaurants.

What to eat in Tabriz? We recommend typical dishes of this region, such as: Aash (broth with noodles, vegetables and oriental spices), Abgoosht (mutton and chickpea soup), Chelow kabab (grilled meat served with tomatoes and rice), Dolma (stuffed with meat, peas and herbs, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and courgettes), as well as Tabriz köfte (meat, rice and vegetable meatballs). Where to eat? If you are looking for genuine cuisine, it is best to choose places where locals eat, for example, stands at the bazaar or bars on the streets. We recommend, among others, Haj Ali Chelokababi, Jalali Sardrod or Vahid.


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