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  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • General information

    Official language: Standard Chinese
    Time zone: UTC +8
    Currency: Renminbi (CNY)

  • All the names of Shanghai

    It is referred to as Paris of the East, the Queen Of Orient, or more bluntly – the Asian Hookers. This last name is referring to 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century, where crime and prostitution were very common in the city.

  • Tai Chi

    In Shanghai forget about staying till late in bed. Start a day like locals do – practicing Tai Chi in a public place. The most popular one is a boardwalk on the right bank of Huangpu.

  • A part of Europe

    Since 1844 fragment of the city is named French Concession. It is area where till today there are buildings in European style, among them, in shade of plane-trees, numerous cafes are operating.

What’s worth seeing in Shanghai?

The city where everything is the best. Shanghai is the most densely populated city of the world, and local sea port is the biggest in the world. It all started from a small village around 1000 years ago, in times of ruling by the Song house, when the port was constructed. But for proper date of establishment of the city is considered the year 1553, when Shanghai was encircled by urban walls. A real blossom took place in the 19th century, when the port started trade with Europe.

The best way to sightsee today Shanghai is firstly from high altitude. To have a good view for the panorama on the whole city, go to a viewing point on 100th floor of SWFC, Shanghai World Finance Centre. The view is breath taking? It is not enough to describe it! If you can’t get you head around the enormity of Shanghai, step by Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, situated by People’s Square. You will find there a large scale model of the city as predicted to look like in 2020 and old photos of Shanghai.

Do you miss sport? Unusual fights of…crickets can be observed at bird’s market. Tradition goes back to reign of the house Tang. Crickets are irritated by grass-stalks, thanks to which they get aggressive. It is of course an opportunity for gambling, which is first love of Chinese people.

Do you know to have a closer look how falling in love looks like in that crowded city? Go on Saturday, before midday, to People’s square, where in park’s alleys parents are advertising their single kids. Apart from picture of candidate, advertisement is composed of detailed personal information – age, height, salary, place of work and owned goods.

Where to eat tasty and cheap? Delicious dumplings are served at Yang’s by Wujiang Road 269. Best order mix of tastes to try them all. Be careful while eating! They are usually served very hot. Locals are dealing with them by making a small hole on one of their corners. First they drink out broth that is inside, then they eat dumpling with remaining filling. Splendid soups are served in Taoyuan Village by Taizhou Road 405. Make sure also to try local spring Rolls.

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