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  • Tehran
  • Tabriz
  • General information

    Official language: Persian
    Time zone: UTC+4.5 (summer), UTC+3.5 (winter)
    Currency: Iranian rial (IRR)

  • Cover up

    Tourists in Teheran should oblige to similar rules, like citizens. Woman should have covered whole body and hair. Man should wear long trousers. Sandals are allowable.

  • Urban transportation

    Don’t make a mistake – women don’t travel with men. First two carriages in the subway are for women. In buses, there are separated entrances.

  • Walisar street

    The best orientation point in the city is Walisa street, that starts in the centre and runs 80 km to the north. Alongside it are built many important squares.

What’ worth seeing in Teheran?

The capital of Teheran and the old capital of Persia oozes with architecture and rich decorations of almost everything. It is there where is located the biggest in the word pink diamond, that is accompanied by gold, gemmed with stones jewelry. The city in which it is obligatory to try kebab and unusual ice cream.

You can’t say you were in Teheran until you enter the National Jewellery Museum, located in undergrounds of the Central Bank. Even if jewelry doesn’t usually impress you, we ensure you that you will be amazed. Among other beautiful buildings, one is simply breathtaking – it is the biggest in the world pink diamond, weighing 36 g.

In Teheran, as in other cities of this part of the world, the most important spot is the bazaar. The local main market, located in the area of Golestan Palace, is a gigantic square, on which, one next to another is situated a few thousand small and bigger shops, in which you can find almost everything. Don’t try to remember the way back, better get lost in the labyrinth of sellers and buyers and imbibe the vibe of this unique place.

What’s worth eating in Teheran? Surely a traditional Iranian dish – kebab. You will get it almost on every corner – you can take it away and continue sightseeing the city. And for dessert, we recommend exceptionally oriental ice cream – with saffron.

If you wonder what to get as a souvenir or a gift for your loving ones from a trip to Teheran, a good choice would be a carpet, even smallest one. The area of ancient Persia is famous for handmade carpets of marvelous patterns and pleasant lightness. If you feel overwhelmed by choosing a carpet among thousands of patterns, maybe you will find it easier with ceramics – that made in Teheran is exceedingly beautiful. Look out for small shops with workshops in the backyard. You will find there real masterpieces. Are you looking for a delicious souvenir? Buy on the market fresh pistachios.

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