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  • Pristina
  • General information

    Official language: Albanian, Serbian
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • A clock Tower

    In the city there is the clock tower, built in the 19th century. What is interesting, its bell, that was made in Moldovia in the 18th century, was stolen in 2011. The clock was changed to a new one.

  • The symbol of regaining independence

    One of the most popular among tourists object is a colourful writing NEWBORN. It is supposed to remind about recently regained independence, and is situated on the boulevard of Mother Theresa.

  • Love for USA

    Pristina very much would like to be closer to western countries, of which can prove the fact that it has streets named Bill Clinton or George Bush, by which there is university campus.

What’s worth seeing in Pristina?

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, which announced its independence in 2008. It is located in its northern part, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Majority of population comes from Albania. The vibe is pleasant and leisurely, as well as not so overwhelming like in others, European capitals.

Probably going to Kosovo, wanting it or not, you have in mind a picture of southern country in style of Albania or Turkey. In reality Pristina is aspiring more to the level of western capitals, and even though the traffic is crazy there, you will feel safe, also at nights. Also in religious context, don’t expect there habits typical for Muslim countries. Women rarely wear burqas, and their love for fashion is clearly on sight!

Despite the fact that there are not many historic attractions in the city, if it is an important part of sightseeing for you, don’t bother – you will find there a few interesting spots. Above all, we have to notice mosques – of Sultan Mehmet II, of Yashar Pasha or a mosque called the bazaar one, thanks to its location next to what once used to be a market. Worth visiting is also the museum of Kosovo.

You can feel the best the vibe of today’s Pristina when you go for a walk alongside urban boardwalk of Mother Theresa. On both sides it has small squares, on which citizens like to spend afternoons and evenings. Above the boulevard wave flags of Kosovo, European Union and United states – proofs of love to western culture. It is nice to sit in a nearby café and observe daily, buzzy life of residents.

Where to go to eat? We can recommend at least few places. You can expect very good dishes, for instance, in neighbourhood of Meto Bajraktari, you can find there a restaurant El Greco and Liburnia. A great spot is also Princessa Gresa, located at Fehmi Agani 23.

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