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Cayman Islands

  • George Town
  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Cayman Islands dollar (KYD)

  • Greetings from hell

    On Grand Cayman it is worth to go to a place called Hell. It has black volcano rocks that bring to mind hell. You can send postcard from there!

  • Pirate’s feast

    As for descendant of pirates, residents of George Town in October celebrate A Pirate’s Week. In that time on streets take place parties and historic shows.

  • What for souvenir?

    On the Cayman Islands it is worth to buy products from shells, wooden figures and jewellery from caymanite. For foodies get spicy pepper sauce, local honey or rum Tortura.

What’s worth seeing in George Town?

Located on the Grand Cayman George Town is the capital of Cayman Islands, which is British overseas territory. The city, though it is relatively tiny, is the financial center known in the whole world as the location of more than 300 branches of offshore banks. The biggest attractions of the island are beautiful beaches, azure sea, and lovely coral reefs, that encourages diving.

Cayman Islands were discovered in 1503 when Cristopher Columbus arrived. They were called Tortugas due to the huge population of turtles in that region. The modern name refers to Spanish word caimán, which means crocodile. No wonder – it is nature that is the main touristic attraction of those completely flat islands, whose highest peak has not more 40 m above the sea level. Thanks to vast coral reefs, islands used to be once a shelter for pirates. To this day on the Cayman Islands live their descendants and exist many legends connected to the location of hidden treasure robbed by pirates.  

George Town is a base for almost 80 thousand divers, who come there each year from all over the world, to admire the unusual amount of sea animals (for e.g. rays, reef sharks, barracudas, langoustines or turtles), as well as the unpolluted beauty of reefs. The most often visited places are: the national park Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park, where you can dive even a few hundred metres deep, and Stingray City with endless number of rays. In the city itself you can visit the National Museum of Cayman Islands and a replica of the ship “Nina”, on which Columbus arrived at the shore. Must see is the beach of white sand 7 Miles Beach, considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and Boatswain's Beach (ex-Cayman Turtle Farm), a huge sea park.

What to eat in that region? In cuisine of Cayman Islands one can sense English and Caribbean influences, and basis of dishes are mostly fishes, seafood (mussels) and turtles. Prices in restaurants fluctuate between 10 to 30 dollars per person, but you can also find cheaper spots, like bars by the beach. One of such place is famous among divers bar Rackams. In search for seafood, it is worth to go to Deckers Caribbean Inspired Grill, Da Fish Shack and The Lobster Pot.

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