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  • Beirut
  • General information

    Official language: Arabic
    Time zone: UTC+3 (summer), UTC+2 (winter)
    Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP)

  • Sunset

    There are places in the world where beaches are much more pleasant. But Beirut isn’t about sunbathing, but about spectacular sunset. Every day crowds gather to see this magnificent show.

  • Wedding only in a church

    In Lebanon there is no registry office, all issues connected with weddings, divorces or inheriting are in hands of a church to which devotee belongs to.

  • Cosmopolitan Beirut

    Don’t be surprised seeing on streets woman in miniskirts and hijab. In the city live people of many religions, coming from many different cultures. And they get along quite well. Many of them speaks fluently Arabian, English and French

What’s worth seeing in Beirut?

Essence of the Middle East mixed with European ease. This is Beirut – a city, in which you can eat up till your fill, you will bargain over prices on every corner, and in the evening you will dance the night away in a club.

Beirut’s night clubs have opinion of best ones in the Middle East. And really you can’t help the feeling that it is the party umbilicus of the world. look for the most popular clubs at Gemmayze street, where local youth is eager to have fun.

You might have heard about bakszysz, popular form of tip in Arabian countries. In Beirut you will meet that at literally every corner. Everyone expect for every service at least small reward. There is no need to feel offended, it is in their culture. In order not to lose fortune on your first outing, always have at you small amount of money dedicated to bakszysz. If your helper notice a coli of notes, he might demand a bigger payment.

If you have a thing for negotiations, you can save money while bargaining. It is also an important part of local culture. Going to market for souvenirs, book more time. Efficient negotiations require a bit of sacrifice. What is worth to buy? Look for embroidered fabrics, especially beautiful shawls and jackets, vessels from bronze, an if you can secure vessels in transportation – get tempted by charming ceramics or blown glass. Worth you attention are also checkers with pearl mass.

In Beirut you certainly won’t feel hunger. Lebanon cuisine is considered one of the best in the region. The most popular meat is mutton, many fruits and vegetables are used there. Make sure to try kebbi, fried balls from mutton and smashed wheat, filled with seeds of pine. Do you fancy some salad? The most popular one is tabboulech from tomatoes, cucumber and red pepper and fattoush with addition of characteristic spice – sumac. Very often instead of cutlery, to eat is used bread. What to get for dessert? On each corner you will find there stalls with sweets with honey, rose water or syrup. Spoil yourself.

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