What is the 'Flight+Hotel' package?

What is the 'Flight+Hotel' package?

Anyone who has ever planned a longer stay abroad knows how difficult it can be to find a date for both the flight and accommodation to coincide. However, finding a place that meets both the traveller's needs and is located in an attractive place is also very difficult.

The 'Flight + Hotel' packages are the solution to all these problems. It's a service that includes a flight as well as the accommodation booking which can all be paid with one transaction. When using the package reservation, it's not necessary to look for a flight and an accommodation separately, because this process is carried out by the search engine. It finds all the available options on the selected date and shows the total price of stay with the flight. Best of all, booking a flight and accommodation at the same time allows you to save up to 30%.

How does the 'Flight+Hotel' package work?

To search for available stay options, you can use the search engine that combines flights and accommodation in a given place and time. Using the search engine is simple and intuitive. All you need to do is to choose the departure place, destination, planned flight date and the number of passengers. The system will then find flight suggestions combined with accommodation.

While searching, you can precisely determine the results according to your own preferences. You just have to filter offers by defining:

  • accommodation standard (from one to five stars),
  • guest rating (from one to five points),
  • type of building (hotel, apartment, guest house, etc.),
  • facilities nearby (city centre, monuments, attractions, public transport stops),
  • number of meals included in the price,
  • the overall price,
  • required facilities in the accommodation (internet access, air conditioning, parking, etc.).

In addition, the user can also use the accommodation map in the selected city. Each facility has a rich photo gallery, which you can see everything related to your stay.

Benefits of 'Flight+Hotel' packages

You can organize your travel in two ways. Of course, you can do it traditionally: find a flight or accommodation and then try to adjust them to each other. You can also try to synchronize dates, locations and transport from one place to another. Or, you can do it in a different way - use the search engine, which will find the best offers among 1.1 million facilities and allow you to save up to 30%, thanks to discounts on accommodation and airline tickets, and all this takes only a few seconds. With the 'Flight + Hotel' packages, you can book and pay for the whole trip with one click - quickly, easily and without hidden fees. Find the best travel option thanks to the 'Flight + Hotel' service!


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