Safety rules for air travel

Safety rules for air travel

Restrictions established in 2020 influenced air travel as well. The rules for using an airport's infrastructures and the rules for passenger behavior on planes are different than before, so we gathered the basic rules for everyone traveling in one place.

Safety rules compliant flight.

To keep the passengers and boarding crew safe on a plane or at an airport, it is obligatory to obey the recommendations of the Civil Aviation and Sanitary Authorities.

Remember, using facilities and services at the airports is restricted now. For example, terminals are restricted to passengers only. Also it may not be possible to enter the premises of the airport by non-travelers, and it might not be possible to await plane arrival at the airport. The passengers arriving at the airport are urged to leave the terminals and arrivals hall as soon as possible. Health and Satefy authorities recommend to travel alone or with housemates, people you spend a lot of time together. What else is there to remember when planning a journey and what other safety rules should be followed at the airport and on airplane?

Before your journey:

  • Buy a flight ticket and check-in online.
  • Fill out a health declaration required by your carrier.
  • Limit your luggage.
  • If it's possible, travel with hand-luggae only.
  • Cover your mouth, nose and sanitise hands at the airport.
  • Keep a social distance of 1,5 m.
  • Before entrering your terminal have your body temperature checked.

On an airplane:

  • Stick to the recommendations of the crew .
  • Wear a protective face mask (if on a long distance flight, change it every 4 hours) and sanitise your hands.
  • Before landing, fill out Passenger Locator Form and pass it on to the crew.
  • Limit using plane service to a minimum (hot meals are unavailable, passengers can buy drinks and snacks which are packed separately).
  • Pay with a credit or debit card (no cash).
  • Some airlines request their passengers to order online prior to their flight.
  • Don't move around the cabin unless it's necessary.

After landing:

  • Wear a protective face cover and sanitise hands.
  • Keep social distance of 1,5 m.
  • Follow instructions of the airport personnel.
  • Leave the terminal without any unnecessary delay after collecting luggage and passing safety check-in.

The airlines and airports are in close cooperation to protect the passengers and their personnel from coronavirus. All airport facilities and airplanes are cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. Passengers can freely use sanitisers available at the airport. They can also buy protective face coverings. Cabin crew and airport services are additionally equipped in self protecion measures. Pior your flight, stay up to date with your carrier announcements and follow their recommendations.

Is travelling by plane safe now?

Research done by scientists from the Institute of Medical Virology by the Goethe University in Franfurt confirmed that plane travels arAe one of the safest forms of travelling during a state of pandemic. All thanks to using efficient HEPA air filters on board of a plane. But also thanks to following the new rules of safety and recommendations of the cabin crew by the passengers.

The article was based on the recommendations of Civil Aviation and Sanitary Authorities.

Warning! As the situation is changing dynamically, information in this article may not be up to date.

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