Safety in hotels during a pandemic

Safety in hotels during a pandemic

Is it safe to stay at a hotel during the pandemic? The present times have brought many changes to the rules of staying in hotels in order to eliminate the risk of coronavirus infection. Are these measures effective? We will try to answer this question by drawing on facts and scientific research.

Before you turn to the facts about your hotel stay, we encourage you to read our articles on air travel and airport security rules in a pandemic. After all, before we enter a hotel, we need to get to our destination conveniently.

Each journey involves a stay at your destination unless you are staying with friends or family. In other cases, we stay in a hotel, flat or other accommodation facilities. In this article, we will tell you about the operation of hotels in a pandemic. You will find out what safety rules apply, what the stay is like and everything related to it.

How do hotels take care of their guests' safety? The list of new rules seems to be long, which is why we have prepared for you some of the most important security measures, which are provided by the vast majority of hotels.

Maintaining safety protocols at the reception

Most hotels make sure that they stick to the safety rules from the entrance. That is why receptionists cover their mouth and nose with masks. The staff systematically disinfects their workplace and customers can also use hand disinfectants.

Some hotels have given up direct service and check-in is done via the internet. This further minimises contact!

Room disinfection

Hotels take care of the safety of their customers not only at the reception desk but also in the rooms. So you don't have to worry about cleanliness in your room - after each stay the hotel staff carry out full disinfection of all equipment and flat surfaces, including door handles, windows, light switches, chair handles, desks, telephones and bedside tables. They use an alcohol-based antibacterial liquid.

In addition, most hotels also have dispensers with hand disinfectant in their bathrooms.

Keeping a social distance in common spaces

In order to minimise people-to-people contact, the vast majority of hotels have additional safety rules in common areas. These include, among others, the following: 

  • he lifts can only be used individually,
  • keeping a social distance,
  • measuring the temperature of personnel before starting work,
  • permanent disinfection of common parts.

Safety rules in hotel restaurants

Due to the pandemic, the rules of eating at hotels restaurants have also changed. This applies to both breakfasts and those served at other times of the day. 

Here are some of the new rules:

  • he obligation to wear a mask in the restaurant until you occupy the table,
  • maintaining appropriate spacing between tables,
  • constant disinfection of the tables after each guest,
  • meals are provided by staff wearing masks and gloves.

Some hotels also offer the possibility of delivering a meal to the room, which allows you to enjoy the food in peace and full mental comfort.

These are the most common safety rules used by hotels to ensure peace and quiet during your stay.

How can you ensure additional comfort associated with your stay in a hotel even before you set off on your journey? We recommend using the offer of facilities that provide the possibility of free cancellation of the reservation. Therefore, if such a need arises, you will not bear any costs of the stay.

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