Travelling during the pandemic: quarantine and coronavirus tests

Travelling during the pandemic: quarantine and coronavirus tests

Do we always have to go through quarantine when we return to the USA? Is a coronavirus test necessary in order to travel abroad? These are just a few of the questions that have been raised recently. In this article, we will talk about the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Restrictions were introduced by the authorities in order to reduce the likelihood of the coronavirus spreading. However, as the situation develops, and after the spring lockdown, many countries have decided to introduce uniform rules that will allow travellers to travel safely.

When travelling between the countries at present, there are usually two types of restrictions:

  • Quarantine, or self-isolation for a period of between 7 and 14 days, depending on the regulations of each country,
  • to present a negative PCR test result when crossing the border, thus avoiding quarantine.

These restrictions are subject to the decisions of individual governments. Additionally, they can change dynamically, so when planning a journey, it is advisable to check whether a country has introduced restrictions for arrivals.

For travellers, we have prepared a special service where anyone can check the current entry conditions to any country in the world.

What you will find there:

  • Information on the opening of borders

Information on whether the borders of a country are open or closed to citizens of particular countries.

  • Information on applicable restrictions

Details of border crossing restrictions, as well as relevant information on the possibility for nationals of other countries to enter a country.

  • Information on PCR tests

Information on the possibility of release from quarantine if a negative PCR test for coronavirus is provided.

  • Information on quarantine arrangements

How long does the quarantine last,

  • Information on required documents

List of required documents to be completed before departure. 

  • Information on security measures

Rules for wearing masks and taking precautions in public places.

Return to the USA and restrictions

The restrictions depend on the country of departure. One of the most common restrictions is an obligation to undergo a quarantine. As we mentioned, the situation changes dynamically, so we recommend to check the rules right before the trip.

PCR tests for travellers

Many countries have made it compulsory to submit a negative PCR test result for coronavirus in order to enter the country or not to have to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

The PCR test can be carried out before travelling in a specialised laboratory. The sampling process itself takes less than 5 minutes and results can be obtained within 24 hours, depending on the laboratory.

If you want more facts about travelling during the pandemic, check out other articles in the Safe Travel series.

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