Travelling during the pandemic: safety at the airport

Travelling during the pandemic: safety at the airport

We are launching a series of articles which will deal with the subject of travelling during the pandemic. Although we are not alien to emotions either, we want to stick to facts and scientific evidence. We start with safety at airports, the place where most international travel begins.

2020 has surprised the world and turned everything upside down. We sit locked up in our homes and get information mainly from television, internet portals and sometimes from friends. Many sources, but which of them are reliable and most accurate? It’s crucial now to stick to the facts.

When we think about travelling abroad, the question arises - whether to fly by plane or choose one of the traditional means of transport, such as train or car. As travel experts, we can ensure that the plane is the best option. Why? Read our article on air travel during the pandemic. It will give you an overview of research results and scientific evidence that aircraft are currently the safest means of transport.

But let's get back to the starting point, the airport. After all, that is where we start our journey abroad. What should you know? As a result of the pandemic, new rules have been introduced to ensure the safety of both travellers and staff at airports. So, what has changed?

New safety rules at the airports

The first thing that may surprise you is the barriers at the entrance to the airport. All this is to ensure that there is sufficient distance between the travellers. In addition, only people who have an air ticket are usually admitted to the airport. So say goodbye to your relatives or friends before you enter the terminal.

Mandatory body temperature measurement

Expect your body temperature to be measured when entering the airport. At airports, handheld thermometers or special cameras are used to measure the temperature of several or more people at once. An airport employee will also check your ticket and guide you to the appropriate security checkpoint.

Maintaining a social distance

Not much has changed during the security check. Our advice - keep your distance. This way you protect both yourself and the people around you. In any case, the principle of social distancing applies throughout the airport and beyond.

After passing the security check you have free time for shopping or eating. Remember that in shops and restaurants the rules have not changed and are identical to those you have to follow outside the airport. It is worth disinfecting your hands during your stay at the airport, although airport staff clean regularly and at night they ozone the surfaces together so that everyone can feel safe.

Boarding in groups

You will also experience changes at the airport before boarding. Most airlines have introduced a system of dividing passengers into groups, depending on the allocated seats. First-line passengers have priority for boarding. The next people enter in the order of the allocated seats on the plane.

Do you want to know more about travelling during the pandemic? Check out our "Safe Travel" article series.

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