What to look out for when planning a trip now?

What to look out for when planning a trip now?

Travelling during a pandemic is not all that difficult to organise. In this article from our 'Safe Travels' series, we will inform you about what to look out for when planning trips both big and small. You will find tips on restrictions and tests, as well as on safety at airports, on planes and in hotels. Read on for a summary of information on travelling in the COVID-19 era.

Step 1 - Verify restrictions

Before booking airline tickets or accommodation, it is worth checking what restrictions apply in your destination country. Currently, the epidemiological situation varies from country to country. Depending on the number of cases of coronavirus, the authorities of individual countries introduce various types of restrictions, such as the obligation to undergo quarantine upon arrival or to present a negative coronavirus test result upon arrival.

It is worth noting that currently the vast majority of European countries require the presentation of a negative PCR or antigen test result. The latter is new in terms of being able to avoid quarantine. What's more, antigen tests are not only quicker to perform, but are also cheaper. It is therefore worth verifying that the destination country accepts antigen tests. You can check this in our "Travel rules" service. The arrival and recognition of antigen test results allows you to travel faster and at a lower cost now. 

If you have any doubts or further questions about testing and quarantine, we encourage you to read the article: "Travelling during the pandemic: quarantine and coronavirus tests". There you will find the most important information about the types of restrictions and tests.

Planning a trip

Step 2 - Airport and aircraft

Security at the airport and on the plane is also an important issue. We discussed this aspect in detail in our two articles:

This time, we want to focus more on some basic safety tips:

  • remember your mask
  • remember to keep your social distance
  • use a gel or liquid to disinfect your hands and the surfaces you touch

Planning a trip

Step 3 - Hotels

Hotels or other forms of accommodation are another thing to look at in terms of safety. Nowadays, most accommodation establishments have introduced various rules to minimise the risk of infection. These include the obligation to cover the nose and mouth, social distancing and the use of hand disinfectants.

When choosing an accommodation option, there are two aspects to consider - the infrastructure and location, as well as the standards of care for cleanliness and safety that are offered in response to the pandemic. The best in this respect are flats or holiday homes, where we can fully create conditions conducive to relaxation.

For more on safety in hotels, see our article "Safety in hotels during a pandemic".

Planning a trip

These are just a few of the most important things to look out for when planning a trip. In order to enjoy your trip and easily and quickly deal with all the formalities, it is worth familiarising yourself with the latest information. We come with help and a knowledge base about travelling. You can find tips on:

  • Travel rules - current restrictions in any country in the world in one place.
  • Safe travels - facts about travelling in times of pandemics, as well as expert advice and tips.

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