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  • La Paz
  • Sucre
  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Boliviano (BOB)

  • Gol on 3600 metres of altitude

    In the city there is the highest located football stadium in the world. On the altitude of 3600 metres above the seal level, the Bolivian national team is playing international games. FIFA is prohibiting playing matches above 3000 metres, but it made an exception for Bolivia.

  • Chuquiago

    The name of the village that was situated in the place of today’s La Paz – Chuquiago – means a golden farm. It is referring to gold, that was mined there by Indians Ayamara.

  • Soroche

    Tourists needs a bit of time to get used to conditions that are in the Andes. La Paz is located on the altitude from 3200 to 4200 above the sea level. It causes soroche – altitude sickness, that can be quite nagging in first days of your stay.

What’s worth seeing in La Paz?

A city in Bolivia, founded in 1548 as Ciudad de Nuestra Señora de la Paz in a place, where the settlement of Indians Chuquiago was. Today a shortened name – La Paz, is commonly used. It serves as the capital – it was there, not in Sucre, where the residence of president, buildings of parliament and government were erected.

In the valley of the river there are situated representative districts with elegant houses. The higher, the less exquisite architecture gets, but a walk through narrow streets is getting more interesting. Residents of La Paz are often using a cableway, which is helpful in getting through big hills. You can find its stations effortlessly in the city’s centre.

If you are just planning your trip, go to La Paz in May or June. There is a huge feast organized there - Fiesta del Gran Poder, the Festival of Great Power, which is a mix of traditions and beliefs of tribe Aymaran with catholic religion. The streets get filled with dancing and smiley people, including dance groups. Their costumes are inspired by local legends and historic events. The crowd go through a 6 kilometres route.

In La Paz there are a few colonial buildings preserved which are worth seeing.  The first one is the Basilica St. Francis from the second half of the 18th century. Pay attention to the façade, richly decorated with bas-reliefs of birds, flowers and fruits. The church of St. Dominique deserve special attention due to its sculptures made by local stone-cutters.

You can get a delicious, local dinner for a fabulously cheap price in an eatery at Alfondo de Mendoza square. You will recognize the place straight away – look out for crowds of Bolivians.

Are you looking for some souvenirs from La Paz? Step by Calle Sarnaga and nearby streets. You will get everything that is associated with Bolivia – warm jumpers, socks, alpaca sweaters (everything hand-made of course), jewellery, amulets or herbs. Whereas on Mercado de Brujas, which is the Bazaar of Witches, you will find out what the future holds for you.

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