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  • General information

    Official language: German
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • To the Zoo!

    If you are looking for green areas in the big city, got to Wilhelma, a palace and park facility, in which one of the most intriguing European Zoo is located with notorious Ape House.

  • The culture of wine

    The region is famous for production of wine. Stuttgart itself has 17,5 hectares of vineyards and numerous wineries  (Besenwirtschaften) spread around the city. You can take part in trip Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH's Viniculture Tour from May to October.

  • Let’s go shopping

    At Dorotheenstraße 4 in the building in art nouveau style, there is Markthalle Stuttgart, a market with high value food. On the first floor there is a restaurant, from which you can enjoy a perfect view for the whole market and smell all the products’ astonishing scents.

What’s worth seeing in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is perfect for fans of vehicles, especially those luxury ones, like Mercedes or Porsche. But this located in Swabia city has much more to offer than that. What’s worth seeing, where to go, what to eat?

The most famous city’s attractions are spectacular museums of Mercedes and Porsche. In the first one, located by Mercedesstraße 100, there are nine floors of a total 16,5 thousand square metres capacity which store 160 vehicles. In the second one, situated at Porscheplatz 1, not only you will feast your eyes, but also feel a bit adrenaline dose when booking a ride in of the sport car models, for 99 euros per hour. It is worth to know that if you have a ticket to one museum, in the second one you will get a 25% discount for entrance. The fare is half price (4 euros), if you enter one hour before closing time, that is after 5 pm.

While sightseeing, it is impossible to miss the centre of Stuttgart. In the area of Königsstrasse, which is the most important boardwalk and shopping street of the city, you will find many historical town houses, as well as narrow, cosy streets with the best cafes and restaurants. Enshadowed by a castle, the square Schlossplatz is a lovely spot for an afternoon picnic on grass or by the fountain. It is also worth visiting Höhenpark Killesberg in Stuttgart-Nord district. This park offers not only neat aisles for a walk but also a ride in the narrow gauge train (only in summertime) or the most beautiful panorama of the city from the top of a 40-metres high tower, that was built in the technology of suspension bridges and shared with public in the year 2000. You will get to the park by train U5 or by buses 43, 44 and 50.

Stuttgart will please those fancying culinary trips. Swabian cuisine might not be a healthy one, but it is very tasty. What’s worth trying? Definitely Spätzle, traditional soft egg noodles dished up in various ways e.g. with cheese (Käsespätzle), with beef meat and potatoes (Gaisburger Marsch) or lentils and wiener (Linsen mit Spätzle und Wienerle). What’s worth to know is that a shorter version of Spätzle are Knöpfle. Other interesting dishes are: Maultaschen, dumplings with meat and vegetables filling, Saure Kutteln, tripe with vinegar and fruits of juniper and Wurstsalat – a salad with ham in vinegar-oil sauce. This kind of regional cuisine is served in restaurants such as Weinstube Am Stadtgraben, Zum Ackerbuerger, Der Rote Hirsch or Restaurant Ochs-n Willi.

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