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Located on the picturesque banks of Odra River canals, Wrocław is often called the Venice of the North. The city delights not only with charming little streets, bridges and antique architecture but also with academic atmosphere and numerous cultural events. Thanks to cheap flights to Wrocław thousands of tourists arrive here every year.

Wrocław-Strachowice Airport (WRO) serves international and domestic flights – regular, low-cost, and charter ones. International direct connections to Wrocław are offered by airports in the following countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Israel, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Albania, Egypt, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Domestic cheap flights to Wrocław are available from Gdańsk and Warsaw.

The most popular flights from Wrocław (Poland) include those to Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden. Travelers most frequently choose the following routes: Rome – Wrocław, Naples – Wrocław, Milano – Wrocław, Madrid – Wrocław, Lisbon – Wrocław, Porto – Wrocław, London Luton – Wrocław, London Stansted – Wrocław, Dublin – Wrocław, and Cork – Wrocław.

Which airlines offer flights to Wrocław?

Domestic flights to Wrocław depart from Gdańsk and Warsaw. Flights from Pomerania to Lower Silesia are provided by Ryanair and you can get here also from the capital with LOT Polish Airlines.

Direct international flights to Wrocław (WRO) are offered by traditional carriers, such as LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SAS, Swiss, Air France, and Eurowings. Cheap flights to Wrocław are operated by low-cost airlines: Wizzair and Ryanair.

What airports are there in Wrocław?

Wrocław-Strachowice Nicolaus Copernicus Airport (internationally known as Wrocław Copernicus Airport) is the only one serving the city. It is also the sole airport in Lower Silesia and the fifth-busiest airport by total passenger traffic in the country.

Wrocław-Strachowice Airport (WRO) is located in the Strachowice district, about 10 kilometers away from the city center. It is easily accessible from the downtown by public buses ending their route at the main railway station (Wrocław Główny). During the day you can get to and from the airport by the number 106 bus; the number 206 bus operates at night.

Domestic flights to Wrocław

Direct domestic flights to Wrocław are provided by two carriers. Cheap flights from Gdańsk to Wrocław are offered by Wizzair, which operates daily service every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. LOT Polish Airlines offers six flights from Warsaw to Lower Silesia Province daily, seven days a week. Domestic flights to Wrocław are relatively inexpensive – the cost is comparable to driving a car or buying a train or bus ticket. Choosing a plane as a means of transport on domestic routes has an additional asset: it is much quicker to cover the distance between Wrocław and Gdańsk or Warsaw by plane than by any other means.

How much does a flight to Wrocław cost?

Airfares to Wrocław on domestic routes depend on the connection. Cheap flights from Gdańsk to Wrocław are operated by Ryanair. You can buy a one-way ticket for this route for as little as PLN 33 (€ 8) per person, but usually the cost will be approximately PLN 70-110 per person (€ 16-26). Flights to Wrocław from Warsaw are a bit more expensive. If you’re buying last-minute tickets, you should be ready to pay about PLN 200 (€ 46). When booking a flight to Wrocław in advance, you can get a ticket for PLN 90, 133 or 171 (€ 20, 30 or 40).

The cheapest international flights to Wrocław are offered by low-cost carriers: Ryanair and Wizzair. The further you want to travel and the sooner you wish to depart, the more you’ll pay for a flight ticket. Airfares on the most popular routes operated by low-cost airlines are usually quite accessible. You can fly from Italy to Wrocław for just about PLN 60 (€ 15) per person one way. You can also get to Lower Silesia from Great Britain for less than PLN 100 (€ 25) per person one way.

Prices of air tickets to Wroclaw will also be higher if you’re going to take a connecting flight (especially on domestic routes) or when booking a flight only a few days in advance. You also have to be ready to bear greater costs when you wish to take extra luggage, buy additional travel insurance, choose the option of priority boarding or book a more convenient seat on the plane.

When are the cheapest flights to Wrocław?

Airlines usually offer the cheapest flights to Wrocław for autumn, winter and early spring dates. Costs are the lowest if you’re flying to the capital of Lower Silesia in October. You can also get tickets at a bargain price for flights in November and March. A bit more expensive, yet still accessible, are flights in December, January, and February. Traveling to Wrocław by plane is the most expensive in August.

Although cheap flights to Wrocław are usually offered in autumn and winter, you can also catch a bargain in the high season. The best way not to miss a last-minute opportunity is to sign up for price alerts on cheap flights search engines such as eSky.

How to lower the costs of flights to Wrocław?

If you want to fly to Wrocław for less, buy a ticket two or three months in advance. The prices usually go up as the departure day is coming and drop again a few days before the take-off. It is worth booking the flight on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings – this is when most people are busy working and airlines do not drive the prices up artificially.

The most effective way to find cheap flights to Wrocław is to use online search engines that compare airfares. The eSky cheap flights search engine allows you to access the most up-to-date information about dates and prices of flights from and to all around the world. To use it, just type your flight preferences into the right windows specifying the departure and destination airports, your travel dates, the number of passengers, etc. The last step is to click on a search icon on the right side of the browser window. After a few seconds, you will see the results sorted by prices – from the lowest to the highest. You can then sort the results yourself by the total number of stopovers, time of arrival, etc. And thanks to the “Cheapest flights +/- 3 days” search feature you can also get the information on the most cost-effective flights within three days before or after your selected dates. 

Get the information about the best airfares to Wroclaw by keeping up-to-date with posts from social media groups for travelers – you’ll find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Another idea is to install a mobile price comparison app on your mobile phone, e.g. eSky.

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