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  • Abuja
  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC +1
    Currency: Naira (NGN)

  • Traditional architecture

    In the city there is a museum on the open-air, in which examples of buildings in real sizes from all over the country were gathered, such as the Palace Katasina or the Mosque Ilorin.

  • Go to a stadium

    Football is national sport of Nigeria. No wonder then, that construction of the stadium in Abuja cost fortune – 360 million dollars. Go to a match of Super Eagles and get carried away with sporting emotions.

  • The Zuma Rock

    It has 725 metres of altitude above the sea level and it is the gate to Abuja. We refer to located north from the city rock Zuma. You can also see on the 100 nairas’ note.

What’s worth seeing in Abuja?

One of the youngest capital in the world. Abuja was built from the scrath in the 80’s of the 20th century, in order to move there the capital from Lagos, that had become too cramped.

As for the city designed at the end of the 20th century, Abuja has balance between architecture and nature. That is why it has a few huge parks and green areas. The biggest park is Millenium Park, designed by Manfredi Nicoletti. It was officialy opened in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth.

The most futuristic building is… a ship in the city’s centre. The building looks like a ship in an harbor – concrete linchpins look like wharfing ropes, whereas round windows bring to mind ship portholes. Lower floors are wider, you can see clearly lines of division of the ship’s level. There are even two towers, reminding chimneys. Luxury apartments, shops and offices are located in the building. More prestigious building is probably only the presidential palace. It is worth to visit. Sightseeing is whole year round and free of charge.

Do you want to rest like citizens of Abuja? Visit The Dome, the entertainment centre, where whole families spend time. You can do bowling, billiard or lose money playing on slot machines or go crazy in a casino. What do you choose?

Time for sport! Practically from ever spot in Abuja you can notice Aso Rock, a 400-metres high monolith, around which the city grows. Trips to its peak with a guide are organized every day. Be careful though to choose a path adjusted to your needs – some of them requires climbing on smooth, vertical rock.

Where to eat? Look for “bush bar”. These are situated around the city small bars with plastic tables, where you can eat quickly, tasty and cheaply. Popular dishes in such spots are catfish from grill, smoked bulbs of yarn or soup from egusi, seeds of cucurbitaceous plants.

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