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  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • Sightsee Sallune

    The ruins of the ancient town are located around 3.5 km from today’s Gazipaşa. The most convenient way is to go there by a taxi. Sightseeing is free of charge, but get prepared for a walk in bushes.

  • Shopping on a bazaar

    If you want to see how in Gazipaşa a bazaar looks like, go there on Monday or Friday. On Mondays there is a marketplace with fabrics, heavy duty articles, on Fridays – fruits and vegetable one.

  • To the mountains

    The city lies at the foot of the mountains Taurus, composed of a few ranges, going for 1500 km to the heart of land. From Gazipaşa there are organized hiking trips of different difficulty.

What’s worth seeing in Gazipaşa?

In the ancient Times on the area of today’s Gazipaşa, there was a settlement called Sallune or Selinus, in which Roman emperor Trajan was killed. The oldest traces indicated that the settlement was existing around 2000 year B.C, but it is assumed that due to perfect conditions for cultivation, people had to sue these soils much more before. We know that there was a trading route going from there to Cyprus, and in the beginning of the 2nd century B.C. Sallune was conquered by Romans.

After those Times there are left a few interesting monuments – a part of aqueduct, a symbolic tomb commemorating the death of Trajan, that formerly used to be composed of a temple and a tomb. Nearby there are preserved two Roman baths – bigger and smaller one and agora. Minor archaeological findings from the area of Sallune can be found in the museum in neighbouring Alanyi.

Since 2011, when the airport was built here, the calm, agriculture town has been changing into the popular tourists resort. Still the area is covered by huge cultivable fields. On the lane alongside the shore you can see growing citruses and bananas. Don’t be surprised by seeing greenhouses that are needed even in the sunny Turkey. Mainly strawberries are cultivated in them.

On a colder day take a walk to uniquely picturesque port, in which a few dozens of motorboats and smaller boats are berthed. And if the sun is shining, you would certainly want to lie on the nearby sandy beach with a view for the beautiful mountain range. If you like to dive, you can be interested by an underwater trip to caves.

Turkish  love to eat and feed others, that is why in almost every restaurant, which you enter, you will get tasty, local dishes. Unusual, feasting vibe can be felt in Adana Koco Ocakbasi & Restaurant at Resatbey Mah. Turkkusu Cad. 13. If you fancy home-made soup from chickpea, step by Tadim Ev Yemekleri at Pazaryeri Caddesi 2.

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