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✔️ Where does Ural Airlines fly to?

Ural Airlines timetable covers routes from many popular cities. To check the availability of the connections, use eSky search engine.

✔️ When can you buy the cheapest tickets for Ural Airlines flight?

It is best to buy tickets for Ural Airlines flight well ahead of time.

✔️ What airlines operate similar routes?

To the cities, to which run Ural Airlines flights, run also other airlines, and you can find them in eSky search engine.

✔️ Can I book a hotel together with Ural Airlines flight?

By using eSky search engine you can book a hotel together with the flight under the Flight+Hotel package. Thanks to this your travel will not only be comfortable, but you will also save money thanks to the package discounts.

Get to know more about Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines is a Russian airline founded in 1993. It is active on many continents, operating flights between as many as forty different routes. Thanks to this, passengers can quickly fly to various parts of Asia, including to China or Kazakhstan. The airline carries out codeshare connections (i.e. partner flights) with several other airlines, including with Austrian Airlines, Finnar and České aerolinie.


One item of hand baggage is allowed on Ural Airlines. The weight and dimensions depend on the booking class. On top of that, in the ticket price, every traveller can bring hold baggage, whose weight and dimensions are predetermined. You will receive information about these parameters when you buy a flight ticket. Hold baggage allowance is the same in all booking classes. Ural Airlines is known for allowing to take larger baggage on board than with other carriers. Standard hand baggage and hold baggage cannot contain liquids in large containers or sharp tools that could potentially harm your fellow passengers.

Booking classes

At Ural Airlines you can choose from four booking classes: Business, Comfort, Economy-plus and Economy. They vary in the package of standard services and the price of the ticket. The Business Class offers the highest quality of services, including a separate cabin on the plane, a more luxurious on-board menu and a separate area for checking in at the airport. Although on most routes you can buy a ticket in each class, for some charter flights there is no distinction between classes. All passengers travel in economy class.

Online check-in

Almost all passengers on Ural Airlines can check in online, and thus save time that they would otherwise spend in queues at the airport if they chose traditional check-in. Online check-in must be carried out separately for each traveller. After passing the whole process, you must print the boarding pass generated by the system. You will need it on the day of departure - without it you will not be able to board the plane. Depending on the type of flight, online check-in opens 12 to 6 hours before the departure time. Check-in does not include persons who are sick, disabled or transport animals.


The Ural Airlines fleet includes about 40 machines, mainly Airbus aircrafts. The aircrafts belong to A319, A320 and A321 families. The higher the number in the name of the Airbus family, the more modern machines it consists of. They are characterised by more efficient engines, fuel efficiency and - most importantly for passengers - improvements in the construction of cabins for travellers. Most of them fly on shorter routes in Asia. Only a few are used for charter flights. Different types of machines support flights in each of the four booking classes.

Ekaterinburg Airport

Ural Airlines headquarters are located at Ekaterinburg Airport, at a distance of 20 km southeast of the city centre. The airline’s operating bases are additionally Domodedovo airport and Pulkovo airport. Ekaterinburg Airport is a two-storey building adapted for the convenience of travellers. On the ground floor there are currency exchange points and several cafes, and on the first floor - restaurants, a room for parents and children and a waiting room for business class. At the airport you can use paid internet on shared computers.


On board you can use the buffet shop. Depending on the route and class, the ticket price also includes a hot meal served during the flight. On shorter routes, each passenger will get a small meal within 3 hours of boarding. For longer trips, the offered meal is more generous. Dishes can be adapted to individual diets. They should be ordered 12 hours before the flight so that the airport chefs have time to prepare meals for all passengers.

Additional services

A noteworthy service is the shop on board the Ural Airlines aircraft. You can purchase not only various types of snacks, but also cosmetics, toys and alcohol. The carrier’s main page features a catalogue with current products available in the store. An additional service is also the option of choosing a seat on the plane. This is a paid service.