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Wizz Air

Wizz Air are Hungarian low-fares airlines operating in Middle and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Georgia, Israel and Turkey. The first flight was conducted on 19th May 2004 from Katowice. One of person that was travelling on an inauguration flight was the founder and the Chairman of the Board of Wizz Air, József Váradi. 

As most low-fares airlines, Wizz Air is using smaller airports allowing cheaper and quicker passengers handling. In planes it has cabins of one class with leather seats, without seats allocation. Refreshments are offered at passenger’s wish, for additional charge.

Currently, Wizz Air planes are flying on 340 routes. Airlines are employing around 2000 people.


While flying with Wizz Air, onboard you can take hand luggage. Its size and weight are defined by airlines and can vary depends on reservation class or route.

Registered luggage in Wizz Air also needs to have specified size and weight, and also it depends on class and route.

Online check-in

After booking a flight with Wizz Air, clients receive email with link, under which they can do online check-in. Self online check-in is the cheapest way to do check-in with Wizz Air before the departure. On 15th August 2017 changes were introduced to the system. If a passenger purchase a seat during booking, he can do online-check-in 30 days before the planned flight. If not – 48 hours before the departure. When it comes to return flights, if a passenger has not purchased a seat, he can do check-in after the carrier made this option available, but the earliest time is 15 days before the flight. Check-in on the airport is starting 2 hours before the flight and is possible till 40 minutes before the departure. customers are receiving professional support. In case they need help with online check-in process, they can contact via phone consultants of customer service.

After filling-in data, the last phase of online check-in is printing a boarding pass. Upon the entrance to the plane, you have to show the boarding pass and ID or passport, depends on rules on a given route.

Self check-in on the airport is subject to additional charges.


Wizz Air has 54 planes type Airbus A32. Each of them has engine International Aero Engine V-2500 and capacity of 180 passengers, without division for classes. Average age of machines is 3.5 years. Each of the plane is painted in characteristic colours of pink, violet and white.

Budapest Liszt Ferenc

A base of Wizz Air is airport Budapest Liszt Ferenc, the biggest international airport in Hungary. It is situated 16 km to the south west from the country’s capital. It is the second biggest airport in Central Europe, dating back to 1950. Each year around 8 million passengers use it flying with 40 different airlines.

On the airport there is a waiting room for Wizz Air clients, who purchase a service of exclusive waiting room. Guests can count, among others, on free refreshments and drinks, WiFi access, press, TV, bathroom.


After the departure, passengers can buy in Wizz Café snacks, hot and cold drinks.