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Wizz Air are Hungarian low-fares airlines operating in Middle and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Georgia, Israel and Turkey. The first flight was conducted on 19th May 2004 from Katowice. One of person that was travelling on an inauguration flight was the founder and the Chairman of the Board of Wizz Air, József Váradi. 

As most low-fares airlines, Wizz Air is using smaller airports allowing cheaper and quicker passengers handling. In planes it has cabins of one class with leather seats, without seats allocation. Refreshments are offered at passenger’s wish, for additional charge.

Currently, Wizz Air planes are flying on 340 routes. Airlines are employing around 2000 people.

Where does WizzAir fly to?

Low-cost airlines are one of the most commonly chosen modes of transport used by travelers. Where do WIzzAir fly to?  The Wizzir air connection map is still growing – currently it includes several hundred routes in Europe and the Middle East. The line has about 30 operational bases, including several in Poland. All flights are performed with modern planes. The WizzAir fleet consists of dozens of modern machines ensuring travel comfort and safety of passengers and the  personnel. WizzAir use planes from the Airbus A320 series, including A320s. The carrier's fleet is constantly growing, the line has placed an order for another planes, among others, A322neo. 

What can I have in WizzAir hand luggage?

In accordance with the safety provisions, not all the items can be transported in the cabin luggage. What can I have in WizzAir hand luggage? First of all, items that don't pose a threat to others and don't have any sharp edges.  Medicines, personal items, laptop, clothes, etc. Liquid cosmetics in hand luggage should be transported in 100 ml packages. These packages should be placed in a transparent bag with dimensions of 20x20 cm and a capacity of 1l. How to transport cosmetics that are not in a liquid form, for example, a powder, eye shadows or a lipstick? In this case, just place them in an ordinary cosmetic bag.

Before packing, familiarize yourself with the customs regulations of the country to which you want to go.

In case of any doubts regarding the item, it is worth downloading a list of items prohibited and allowed in air transport from the website of the Civil Aviation Authority.

According to the WizzAir provisions, passengers of this line can take one cabin baggage (included in the ticket price) on the plane board, and the acceptable dimensions of the suitcase are 55x40x23 cm.  Hand luggage can weigh up to 10 kg. After buying the Wizz Priority service, the passenger can additionally take one small luggage to the cabin, for example,  a bag or a laptop bag. Acceptable luggage dimensions are 40x30x18 cm.

What can I have in WizzAir checked luggage?

What can I have in WizzAir checked luggage and what items are not allowed to transport? Checked luggage as part of the basic tariff is payable, and restrictions on permitted items are much lower than in the case of hand luggage. How to pack the checked baggage? The suitcase may contain large sports equipment, tools or a weapon. Oxygen tanks or portable medical electronic devices are also allowed. Please, remember to not to transport valuable and delicate items (the line is not responsible for their possible damage), documents, cash. Explosive and flammable materials, toxic chemicals, aerosol paints and beverages containing more than 70% alcohol are also not allowed. What is the checked baggage limit for WizzAir passengers? We can transport up to 6 pieces of checked baggage weighing less than 32 kg each.

The acceptable dimensions of the WizzAir suitcase are 149x119x171 cm. Important message! WizzAir also allows you to buy luggage after online check-in. 

Can I transport food in WizzAir?

A lot of people ask the question - Can I transport food in WizzAir? In accordance with the current provisions, it is allowed to transport food in hand luggage and checked-in baggage, but it is important to remember a few rules.

First of all, the products should be enclosed in the original packaging. Drinks and liquid food are subject to the limits in hand luggage - it should be transported in 100 ml containers in a plastic bag with a capacity of 1l. It is also allowed to transport food in hand luggage, among others cakes, sandwiches, bars or baby food (it is subject to separate control, you can take with you as much food as needed for the child during the trip).  You should also remember about the restrictions resulting from the customs regulations of the country to which we want to fly.

For example, the United States doesn't allow fresh food. If you don't want to take your own food to the plane, during the flight you can use the Wizz Café services, which includes snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks and alcohol.

How does WizzAir allocate seats?

How does WizzAir allocate seats? Each person can choose seats on the plane during the reservation for a fee, however,  customers with purchased Wizz Go or Wizz Plus packages can use this service free of charge. If we don’t buy a particular seat, WizzAir will randomly allocate seats on the plane 48 hours before the travel. However, it is worth remembering that even if we have already booked the flight and checked-in online, we can still buy a particular seat on the plane, 3 hours before its departure. When it comes to the priority of boarding the plane in WizzAir, the carrier offers a payable Wizz Priority service. There are several ways to buy it: during the fight booking (or later),  by calling the telecentre number or at the airport. The Wizz Priority service includes the priority of boarding the plane, the guarantee of transporting hand luggage in the cabin, as well as the possibility of taking additional 40x30x18 cm luggage on board (it should be placed under the seat). The purchase of Wizz Priority is not synonymous with priority when checking security and during the check-in. 

When does WizzAir have special offers?

Low cost airlines are a guarantee of travel at a low price, but it is also worth knowing when WizzAir has special offers to be able to buy air tickets with an additional discount. WizzAir constantly adds information about current promotions on its website, so it is worth visiting it regularly. If we want to have additional discounts and the priority of receiving information about promotional offers, the best solution is to subscribe to the Wizz newsletter and/or buy a membership in Wizz Discount Club. WDC members receive additional discounts on airline tickets and purchased online baggage, and can also count on advance information about upcoming promotions (which is important, some of the promotional campaigns are only available to them). If we want to use the carrier’s services, but we are not WDC members, it is good to buy air tickets as soon as possible. The ticket prices are cheaper, e.g. 3 months before the scheduled flight than 2 days before the trip.