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Washington (DC)

  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC-4 (summer), UTC-5 (winter)
    Currency: United States dollar (USD)

  • Stairs form “The Exorcist”

    In Georgetown there are stairs from 1895, that appeared in one of the scene in “The Exorcist”. A priest Damien Karras died, while falling from them.

  • The assassination in the theatre

    Located by 511 Tenth Street Ford’s Theatre was opened to public in 1863. Two years later, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated there. The theatre is still displaying plays.

  • 125 million of exhibits

    In the Museum of Natural History, established in 1910, there are 125 million of exhibits – specimens of animals, plants, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and human cultural artefacts.

What’s worth seeing in Washington?

Washington D.C. (District Columbia) is located in the east of the United States. It became officially the country’s capital in 1790. When the first Europeans made it here in the 17th century, the area was peopled by Indians Nacotchtank. A several dozen years later, Indians were almost completely ousted by the settlers from the Old Continent.

The city was built from the scratch on undeveloped soil. The layout of streets was inspired by the Baroque époque, thus wide avenues that fan out from squares. In 1910, when first skyscrapers started to appear on the city’s panorama, a law was established, which stated that a building can’t be higher than a six meters plus the width of the street it is standing next to. Thanks to that, the city’s view is now harmonious and spreading.

Mandatory points on each city trip include the White House, which can be admired only form the outside, a neogothic National Cathedral, that took 83 years to be completed, the Jefferson’s monument, the Capitol, that is the American Parliament’s location, the Lincoln’s monument and a nearby Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

For a walk you can hit East Capitol Street, that goes west and east form the Lincoln’s park. Along the street, you will find many well-preserved, beautiful, 19th century town houses, often with rich ornaments. The whole United States are based on a mixture of many cuisines, and Washington is no exception. Everyone should try at least once hot dog sold from a street food truck. Other not-to-missed dishes are hot dogs and hamburgers with chili as served in Ben’s Chili Bowl. In Lincoln’s Waffle Shop you will indulge yourself with waffles and pancakes. If you feel like eating something from Indian cuisine, try Rasika at 633 D St. Planning a romantic diner in the American style? 1789 Restaurant in Georgetown has what it takes – the ambient, the ancient furniture, the lovely tableware and delicious dishes.


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