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  • General information

    Official language: Italian
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Transport in Naples

    The best way to move around the centre of this very crowded city is on foot or on rented scooter. For longer journeys take public transport. To get to the hills use a cable railway.

  • Siesta in a museum

    Not only shops are closed during daytime. Siesta is also respected in many touristic objects, so always make sure beforehand what are timetables of a place you plan to visit.

  • Frozen in time

    While being in Naples, it is absolutely necessary to pay a visit to Herculaneum (located 13 km from the centre of Naples) and Pompeii (25 km). These ancient cities were covered by a volcano dust from a nearby Vesuvius in a blink of the eye back in the year 79.

What’s worth seeing in Naples?

In the heart of the Gulf of Naples, in the 8th century BC, Greeks founded the city of Partenope, which was later renamed to Neapolis. It was one of the most important urban centre during ancient times, as well as in the Byzantine era. Naples served as one of the core point for the Italian Renaissance. The city suffered major damages during the Second World War.

Naples is like a history of European architecture in a nutshell. The oldest archaeological discoveries date back to ancient times – such as nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum. The most precious findings from both cities, which had vanished in a volcano eruption, were gathered in Museo Archeologico Nazionale. While in Naples, it is also worth visiting catacombs, excavated by ancient people and later adapted to use by the first Christians.
Among the most interesting medieval buildings are a gothic cathedral with the St. January’s Chapel and The Church of Santa Maria del Carmine at the end of Via Mercato. A bell tower of the church is 75-metres high and thus can be seen from various points of the city. Situated on a small island Castel Dell’Ovo – translated in English as “Egg Castle” – used to serve as headquarters for king’s clerks and as a state treasury.

Palaces from the Renaissance are also a treat. It was a common thing back then, that every rich and self-respecting family had its own palace. Thanks to that fashion, we can now admire, for instance, Palazzo Como or Palazzo Gravina. This trend was continued for many centuries. Erected in Baroque, Palazzo Salerno or Palazzo Reale  - a royal palace which was renovated numerous times – are still preserved in a good state to this very day.

Naples isn’t all about monuments though – it also has a divine cuisine. Simple dishes made from local ingredients have gained high popularity all over the world. This is the place where pizza was born and also the most delicious mozzarella originates from here. In La Masardona pizza is served as a calzone, something looking like a huge dumpling fried on deep fat.  It is recommended to try local wine and snacks in Spuzzule. Whereas for a sweet dessert it is worth to step by Dolce Idea Gennaro Bottone, where you can find the best chocolate and ice-creams in the whole city.

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