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Direct flights to Bologna from Poland

Two low-cost airlines offer direct flights from Poland to Bologna. Overall you can fly out from the country from four different airports to the Italian City. It is worth paying attention to the ticket prices to Bologna - because the routes are operated by low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air, the ticket price includes only small hand luggage. You have to pay extra for larger luggage or checked in one.

Ryanair's low-cost airlines offer the most flights from the country. There are three direct flights to Bologna from Poland in the airline's network. These are the sections: Kraków - Bologna, Warsaw - Modlin - Bologna, and Wroclaw - Bologna. A direct flight takes roughly about 2 hours, depending on the departure airport.

The next airport on the direct route network from Bologna offers Wizz Air. Hungarian low-cost airlines operate on the route Katowice - Bologna. In both Ryanair and Wizz Air, it should be borne in mind that these are low-cost airlines. What does this mean for the passenger? The price of a direct flight to Bologna from Poland includes only flights, no snacks during the flight or any other amenities.

Cheap airlines that fly to Bologna

Because Bologna is becoming a popular destination for Poles, especially for short weekend trips, connections from Poland are offered by two low-cost airlines. If your flying in only for a few days, you can actually go without checked in baggage and fly cheaper to Bologna with low-cost Ryanair or Wizz Air airlines.

Ryanair Low-cost airlines offer flights from three cities in Poland - Krakow - Bologna, Warsaw - Modlin - Bologna, and Wroclaw - Bologna. Most often, planes fly from the capital - four times a week. From Krakow, you can fly to Bologna three times a week, while courses from Wrocław to Bologna are organized twice a week.

A similar frequency of flights is offered by low-cost Wizz Air airlines, on the route Katowice - Bologna twice a week. The flight takes about 1-2 hours, during which no refreshments or drinks are served. They can only be bought in the onboard kiosk. It is worth having at least a drink at the airport, in the departure area.

Prices of airline tickets to Bologna

It takes about the same time to travel with cheap WizzAir airlines to Bologna from Katowice or Ryanair from Krakow to Bologna. The flight prices from Poland to Italy are similar - no matter from which city you fly to Bologna. The flight prices to Bologna usually reach from 250-400 PLN, but you can easily search for cheap flights to Bologna for less than 100 PLN.

The cost of traveling to Bologna is relatively low, it's quite easy to find a ticket from Poland to Bologna for about 100 PLN. However, it should be remembered that in the airfare to Italy, low-cost airlines include only carry-on luggage. Checked luggage is an additional fee. By browsing the cheapest flights to Bologna, check out the offers of the low-cost airlines of - Ryanair and Wizz Air.

How to find cheap flights

If you don’t want to overpay for an airline ticket, use the eSky airline ticket search engine. Enter the route that interests you and specific dates in which you want to travel. You will receive a list of possible flights sorted by price. This way, it's easy to find cheap flights to popular cities with all airlines, and compare flight prices to Bologna with other cities.

Don’t put off buying tickets if you want to see this beautiful Italian city. You can purchase low cost flights to Bologna and spend the rest of your money on something more enjoyable. When buying airline tickets, stick to simple rules - decide to buy a ticket straight away or buy it at the last minute, at the latest several days before the trip.

If you are lucky enough to travel without any specific dates, and you can adjust travel dates to the price fares, the cheapest tickets from Poland to Bologna can be bought at the last minute or even a few hours before the flight. Of course your plans will be dependent around your job situation and your purpose for visiting Bologna. If the main goal of your trip is to visit popular attractions in Bologna, there are no obstacles standing in the way of changing your travel dates.

Compare prices tickets to Bologna

When comparing airline tickets from Poland to Bologna, consider other factors than just the ticket prices. The duration of a direct flight to Bologna from all Polish cities is similar, so there will not be any differences in favor of any connection. But perhaps the flights time or landing time will be important to you. Analyze, how you will get to the airport and how will you organize transportations from the Bologna Airport to the Hotel. Also chose a city from which you will fly to Bologna. From Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow you can choose a flight to Bologna by Ryanair, and from Katowice, you can only fly with Wizz Air.

Changing the price tickets are a political approach with airlines. Seasonal changes are one of the most important variables. As long as the travelers are looking for eg. flights to Bologna from Poland, the cost of the ticket will be above a certain level when the interest in the route decreases.

There are many theories about the volatility of air ticket prices to Bologna, as well as other cities in Poland or in the world. However, it is impossible to generalize, because each route has its own rules. For example, cheap tickets to Bologna from Warsaw can be bought at less popular times - flights will always be more expensive during Christmas.

Search engines for cheap flights

You can use the flight search engine to Bologna on the main page of eSKY. There you can specify the dates of travel and specific airports that are of interest to you. As a result, you

will see the full range of flights available to Bologna at any given time, as well as all airlines simultaneously.

The eSky route search engine has the advantage over other airline sites because you can find the cheapest flights to Bologna offered by regular carriers and low-cost airlines in one place. Usually, when searching for flight offers to Bologna, it turns out that the lowest prices are offered by Ryanair and Wizz Air.

First of all, you need to know that ticket prices are alternating. For this reason, it is worth using the search engine to find cheap flights to Bologna, thanks to which we can easily compare other airline offers. Simply chose an airline connection on the route from Poland to Bologna on eSky and enter the date you want to visit Italy. If you prefer, you can specify the city of departure to Bologna from the very beginning.

How to reduce flight prices?

You can use the Occasion tab on the eSky website, in which the cheapest flights are presented without a timeframe. This option is most popular for people who don’t have to travel on a particular date but want to feel out the atmosphere of the city and look for the cheapest airline ticket to Bologna. Pick a city or select several departure cities and see what offers are available at the given time to Bologna.

Remember, in order to buy cheap airline tickets, you need to match your expectations with the capabilities of airlines. Think about to what extent can your travel dates can be changed to, because depending on the route or travel period, air tickets can be up to two or three times cheaper than at a different date of your choosing. When looking for cheap flight tickets, choose airports farther from the city center. There, airport fees are lower, so the tickets are also cheaper.

You can find available flights from Poland to Bologna almost every day of the week. From some cities, you can fly to Italy every day, from other Polish airports flights take place several times a week. There is no shortage of people who want to fly this route, but you can easily buy a ticket a few days in advance. Please note that cheap tickets to Bologna aren’t something that will appear at the last moment. Don’t postpone or delay purchasing the tickets, it is worth to start looking for connections from Poland to Bologna as soon as possible, and buy a ticket when the tickets get cheaper.

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