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  • General information

    Official language: Russian
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Russian ruble (RUB)

  • For art lovers

    In September, the street art festival "White Mask" takes place in the city. During the festival, you can see, various theatre and art performances and dance shows.

  • Where does the name come from?

    Belgorod means a white city. This name is associated with rich limestone resources in the area and the fact that architecture with the use of this mineral prevails here. 

  • Social center

    Sobornaya is the largest and the most beautiful square in the city. In the summer concerts and military parades take place there, and in the winter a beautifully lit Christmas tree is set here.

What’s worth seeing in Belgorod?

Belgorod is a city located in the European part of Russia, about 50 km north of the border with Ukraine and about 700 km south of Moscow. It is one of the fastest growing centers in the country, which, despite industrial and post-Soviet character, can be an interesting direction of travel.

The first mention of Belgorod, considered one of the most important fortresses of Russia, comes from 1237. Built on a limestone rock, the city grew with time and in the 20th and 21st century it gained a new, industrial face. Its rich history is testified by, among others, the oldest sacral building in the city, i.e. the Uspensko-Nicholas Cathedral built in 1703, and the Preobrazhensky Cathedral (Transfiguration of the Lord) built in 1807-1813, which is now the main temple of the Belgorod and Starooskolskaja dioceses. Among the monuments, one should also mention the merchant houses of Selivanov (18th century) and Goltsov (19th century), as well as the Korotkova female gymnasium (19th century), which are located on Preobrażeńskaja street.

How can you spend time here? It is best to go to the main attraction of the city, i.e. the diorama "Battle of Kursk", where you can admire a huge painting showing the armored battle at Prokhorovka. Fans of folklore will certainly not be bored in the State Museum of Folk Culture, where you can see over 15 thousand exhibits. In search of entertainment, it is best to go, among others, to Sobornaya Square, to the Bieregal zoo or to one of the many parks, for example to the Park of Culture and Recreation.

What dishes are the best to taste there? Of course, Russian classics, such as pelmeni (dumplings with meat) or vareniki (dumplings stuffed with potatoes served with cracklings or sauce, e.g. mushroom). In each restaurant, you will also order blini (yeast pancakes made from buckwheat flour or buckwheat-rye flour), as well as typical soups, for e.g. brine (on fish stock) and borscht (from beets with beans and potatoes). To accompany your dinner you must order fruit compote. Where to eat? You can use the wide range of bars or street stands or go to the restaurant. We recommend the premises: Chainik and Samovar.

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