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  • General information

    Official language: Irish, English
    Time zone: UTC+1 (summer), UTC+0 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • To a castle

    A few kilometres from Cork there is situated the stone castle Blarney from 1446. Interesting thing is that tourists are kissing the stone from Blarney, believing it would bring them luck. Worth trying.

  • The spirit of Titanic

    From the port part of the city Cobh, many years ago, cruise ships were setting off in journey across the Atlantic Ocean, carrying thousands of Irish immigrants to America. Titanic also set off in its cruise over there.

  • If not Guinness, then what?

    If you are not a fan of Guinness, try beer type stout, that is also dark, but sweeter. It is good to know that it is  brewed at Beamish.

What’s worth seeing in Cork?

Cork is known for its rich history, characteristic buildings from red sandstone, cosy streets and exquisite beer. This is a place, that you have to visit while staying in Ireland.
Located on the overflow area of the river Lee, Cork owes its name to Irish description Corcach Mór Mumhan meaning Great Marsh of Munster. The current centre of the city is located on an island, and most streets are buried river channels. Additionally the city is put up for operation of strong seaside winds. Such location makes for humidity and creation of fog, it is worth then to pack some warm clothes and an umbrella.

In Cork there are two cathedrals – Roman Catholic of Virgin Mary and St. Anna and St. Finbarr that belongs to the Church of Ireland. Lovers of history should also see the oldest building in the city which is a tower Red Abbey and “a liar of fourth faces”, which is church tower Shandon, whose each clock is showing different time. Really charming are the Old Town and streets coming from a boardwalk Brande Parade, as well as old bridges, for instance Griffith or Southgate. It is also worth to go to neighbourhood of Bishop Lucey Park, where there is a Victorian hall of English Market and to Huguenots’ district that has very narrow and adorable streets full of pubs.
Cork is famous for delicious and strong beer, but it can also boasts of filling and tasty regional cuisine. If you are looking for local tastes, try typical breakfast with fried bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding and bean in tomato sauce, whereas for dinner eat fish & chips – pieces of fish in coating with fries with vinegar poured over. Typical dish is also Irish stew, made of muton or lamb with potatoes and onion. To drink take, of course, Guinness, which is dark beer. Where to eat? Best in pubs, for e.g. Welcome Inn, Barry’s or The Old Oak.

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