Hotel rooms’ standards and amenities

Hotel rooms’ standards and amenities

The room’s furnishings depend to a large extent on the hotel standard or the number of stars the hotel has.

Below we have described the most common types of rooms, however, keep in mind, this is not a rule. Depending on the country, region, or of course, the hotel, the furnishings may vary and slightly differ from the described cases.


The standard furnishings are a bed, a bedside table or a shelf at each sleeping place, a wardrobe or a built-in wardrobe, a desk or a table, a mirror, a wall hanger, and a bedside lamp. In addition, a TV, telephone or radio might be found in the room.

The basic amenities also include a bathroom – variously equipped depending on the standard of the hotel – where you should expect accessories such as bath towels, a set of soaps for each person, and hair dryers in the hotels of a higher standard.


Family rooms (FAM) usually are the extended version of the standard room.

Rooms of this type come with a larger surface. The facilities don't vary much from those listed above, however, they may be prepared for a bigger number of guests (a bigger wardrobe, more chairs, a bigger bathroom).


Apartments (APT) offer standard facilities as well as a kitchenette, dishes and cutlery. You may prepare the meals on your own here. Sometimes apartments have two separate rooms (for example for the kids).

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